How to cope on DAY 61 – must read for new moms

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Are you ready to leave your baby behind and head back to work? Here’s what to expect and how to deal with the end of your maternity leave. Presented by Huggies Ultra

Becoming a mom changes you completely. If anything, the first few months of motherhood have shown you that moms are made of strong stuff, and that you’ll do everything and anything for your child.

Do you remember how life was like before you had your baby? Maybe you miss the freedom, times when it was “all about me”, or maybe the memory’s so vague now, that it’s like you were a completely different person back then. One thing’s for sure, though—you can’t imagine a life without your little one.

So how will you make the move from being a 24/7 mom to a working mom? The secret to coping with the change is to take extra care of both yourself and your baby. Here’s how:

Avoid rushing in the morning.

Being stressed first thing in the a.m. will make you stressed all day. If your morning routine used to take 30 minutes, double that time to make room for any unforeseen situations, like your baby taking her sweet time to fall back asleep or that dreaded last minute nappy change.

Give a proper goodbye.

Even if she’s too little to fully understand what’s happening, babies pick up on routines quite easily. Tell her that you’re going to work everyday, give her a little wave, a big hug, and a kiss.

Take it easy.

Make your first day back to work as uneventful as possible. Rather than overbooking yourself with meetings and deadlines, ease into your work by treating it as a catch-up day.

List down the three major things—just three!—you need to accomplish for the day. When you do finish those, you’ll feel more productive, and you’ll gain momentum for the workdays to come.

Have a bit of mommy and baby time at work.

Hearing your child’s sweet giggle or flipping through photos of him or her on your phone might lessen the separation anxiety a bit, but don’t let it take up so much of your time that you won’t get anything done.

Calling once or twice to check up on your little one? A-okay. Calling every 10 minutes while you’re at work? Probably not a good idea.

Continue reading for more tips on what to do on your first day back at work!

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