How to cope on DAY 61 – must read for new moms

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Are you ready to leave your baby behind and head back to work? Here’s what to expect and how to deal with the end of your maternity leave. Presented by Huggies Ultra

Be all there.

Moms are experts at multitasking, but even if it seems you’re getting so much done all at the same time, it’s usually faster and more efficient when you completely focus on doing and finishing one task at a time.

Because you’re fully present, you won’t get easily distracted or forget what you were doing. Plus, the earlier you finish your work, the earlier you can leave to get home—yay!

Set the mommy guilt aside.

Sometime during the day, you might feel super guilty about leaving your child with his or her yaya or caregiver rather than staying home.

Or maybe you’ll feel guilty about being so happy and relieved to be at work because you have time to be alone and out of the house.

Either way, mommy guilt is very normal, and it will always be there. Allow yourself to feel the guilt, pinpoint why you’re feeling that way, and then figure out how you can wash the guilt away.

Remembering the reason you work— that it’s your passion, your purpose, your source of income, or any other reason—might help you get over it.

Accept the new normal.

Maybe you’d rather swap drinking out at night with the team for a quiet dinner with your family, or you’d rather buy groceries than that dress you’ve been eyeing.

Priorities change, people change, and those are all okay.

Feeling a little twinge of sadness? That’s okay, too. Missing your old life doesn’t make you a bad mom—it makes you normal.

How do you cope with the new normal? Accept everything about your new life—all the good with the bad. Rather than focusing on what you’ve lost, focus on all you’ve gained—especially your baby, the most perfect being in the world!

sleeping baby

Do what you can do...

All moms want what’s best for their child. You want them to always be happy and healthy, and you always want to be there for them.

But if and when you feel like you’re not being the best mom ever, remember this: You’re doing everything you can, and that’s more than enough for your child.

... and let go of what you can’t do.

You may not be able to be with your child 24/7, but you can feel more at ease when you surround your child with familiar, caring faces, as well as things that will help your baby feel comfortable and loved, even while you're away.

Huggies® knows this, that's why the brand trusted by moms designed a diaper inspired by a mother's hug. Huggies® Ultra is hypoallergenic, pH-balanced, and cottony soft—so your child will feel the gentle protection of your embrace, even when you’re not around. Because nothing makes your newborn feel more loved than your touch, Huggies® Ultra helps provide comfort that's just #LikeMomsHug.

Learning to go with the changes that being a new mom brings can get a bit scary, but think about how lucky you are to feel the love of your baby, and to know such pure, unconditional love, for the one that means the world to you.


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