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8 Reasons why a good man will stay faithful

Here's why a good man won't ever betray the one he loves

HWith all the news of celebrity cheating scandals, as well as hearing heartbreaking experiences from friends, it's comforting to know that some men will remain faithful no matter what.

Let's take a closer look at exactly why a good man will never cheat on the one he truly loves.

1. A good man values what he has been given

He knows what he has and appreciates it. Knowing that he truly loves his better half, a good man will go out of his way to protect his relationship from anything that might endanger it. Even if it's as simple as forming close friendships that could evolve into flirtatious exchanges.

2. He knows how to overcome urges

A good man has evolved beyond being vulnerable to the 'weakness of the flesh.' He knows that monogamy is both a choice and a commitment. So he gives his all to fight whatever temptations are thrown at him.

3. He respects himself

A good man values integrity. He holds himself accountable, keeping himself from straying even if he knows he won't be found out. He has set standards for himself when it comes to relationships and values this commitment.

4. He respects the one he loves

This respect for himself also applies to the one he loves. Infidelity is disrespecting your spouse or partner, plain and simple. It is disregarding their feelings to follow your own desires, not caring how it would hurt or destroy them if they ever find out. A good man is driven by respect and so it reflects in his character and the way he remains faithful.

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5. He holds his good name in high regard

Since he puts work into maintaining his reputation, he makes an effort not to do anything that could put it in jeopardy. Much like self-respect, valuing his good name motivates him to remain accountable at all times, knowing that if he fails to be faithful, it would ruin whatever good reputation he's built over the years.

6. He doesn't have time to stray

This doesn't mean that he would if he had the chance; this simply means that a good man is so busy spending time with the one he loves that he doesn't even think of anyone else. They pour their love and energy into providing for their kids and building a happy home that cheating can't ever become even a remote possibility.

7. He has a conscience

Simply put, a good man cares enough not to be okay with the guilt that would surely come if he pursues an affair. He knows in his heart that, even though temptation can't be avoided sometimes, it is ultimately his choice to remain committed to being faithful.

8. He values lasting love

He knows that momentary pleasure is nothing compared to lasting love. A good man knows that what he's building with the one he loves far outweighs the fleeting emotions that come with being tempted to stray. He knows he's found his life's treasure in his forever partner, so why risk it?

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