This new clothing line turns your child’s drawings into real dresses

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Your child can literally “wear her imagination”!

For every little girl who has ever made a crayon drawing of her fantasy dress and wished she could make it real, this new clothing line can make her dream come true. Picture This is the brainchild of mom Jaimee Newberry, who not long ago made a dress for her daughter Zia based off of a drawing she had made.

“I’m wearing my imagination!”

custom kid clothes

Zia’s design and her custom dress (Photo: jaimeejaimee on Medium)

Her daughter loved it, and so did everyone that saw it. Due to the responses and requests from Zia’s friends and classmates, Newberry collaborated with some friends to create Picture This.

Zia’s dress cost Newberry more than $72 in fabric and took her more than 12 hours to pattern and sew, so she had to look for a more sustainable way to make customized dresses. Explains Newberry on Medium:

“We looked into creating custom sewn dresses like Zia’s original on a mass scale, but among other issues it turned out it would be really expensive and time consuming to try to pattern and recreate custom dresses in the same way.

“We wanted something that could be accessible to a lot kids, of a broad spectrum of social and economic status, and also be an easily scalable business model.”

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