Cut your wedding costs by following these tips!

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An amazing wedding doesn't always have to cost you an arm and a leg! Here are some tips to help cut back on those wedding costs!

Weddings can be expensive, but they don't always have to! Here are some tried and tested tips from wedding pros to help you save money on your big day!

1. Book during cheaper months

Depending on the time of year, the price of a wedding can vary drastically; weddings in June are more expensive than a wedding in March for example. So if you and your fiance are flexible when it comes to the wedding date, then you can use that to your advantage and book a more affordable, yet still amazing wedding!

2. Roses and Carnations are affordable

Generally speaking, roses are one of the more affordable, yet great looking flowers you can purchase, same with carnations. Of course, avoid the months where flowers are most in demand, such as in February, or if it's near All Saints' Day. Work with your designer to create timeless looks for a lower price, having a great relationship with your wedding planner and designer, and telling them what you want it also key.

3. Buffets are cheaper!

Don't be tempted by the fancy set meal packages that some caterers offer. You're better off with a buffet-style reception, since guests will usually go for seconds anyway! In the Philippines, what's more important is the taste of the food not the quality of the setting. So great food will always leave a great impression on your guests.

You can also opt for a cheaper buffet, and add an open bar, or a dessert bar for cheap, so that people will have more variety when it comes to the available food.

4. You don't need an excessively large cake

Did you know that those large cakes you usually see in weddings aren't always edible? Sometimes, the other layers are made of cardboard, with icing on top. So if you're not too keen on eating cardboard, you can opt for a smaller cake, that everyone can eat. That way you can save on dessert, and not waste any food!

5. Consider a more affordable photo package

Of course, your wedding photos are important, and a good photographer will make your memories really amazing. However, photographers offer various packages depending on your needs. Ask yourself if you really need that drone shot of your wedding, if not, then just opt for a cheaper package instead! The quality is still there, you're just weeding out unnecessary details!

6. Book your own musicians

Sometimes, it's better to book your own musicians for the wedding so that you can haggle. Go on a night out with your friends, and check out some musicians who play in local bars and restaurants. That way you know what they sound like, and if they'll fit your wedding.


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