This cute little baby has the most wonderful reaction to food

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For babies, every experience fills them with wonder, but this cute little baby tops it by doing the most amazing reactions whenever he sees food!

Milo, a 17 month old baby boy has the craziest reactions whenever he sees food being served. In the youtube video, you can see Milo do the most amazing faces when he’s being served different types of food. Could he be a foodie in the making? Judging by his enthusiastic reaction to food, we’re pretty sure he will be!

This baby boy’s reaction to food will spark your zest for lfie!


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Danae Wolfe, the user who uploaded the video, said that: “At restaurants and home, Milo (17 months) gets very excited when food is served, he even reacts when food is served to OTHER tables.”

It’s so wonderful to see kids’ reaction to food and other wondrous things, they all have this wonder and enthusiasm for life that can sometimes make you wish that you were a kid again.

Watch the cute video featuring his hilarious reaction to food below:

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