Cyberlibel and child abuse case filed against actress Ellen Adarna

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A cyberlibel and child abuse case has just been filed against actress Ellen Adarna after the latter accused a teenager of being a paparazzi

Actress Ellen Adarna is currently facing a cyberlibel and child abuse case after an incident where she accused Eleila Santos, a teenager, of taking photos of her in secret.

The cyberlibel and child abuse complaints have just been filed

It all started when Ellen accused the 17-year-old of taking photos of them in secret. She made a post on Instagram saying "When you PAP us, we PAP you too."

However, Eleila clarified the situation by saying that she was taking a video of their food, and not the actress.

Ellen refused to accept the teen's explanation, and maintained that the teen was taking photos of her.  

According to her family, they filed the complaint since Ellen is refusing to heed their demand for a public apology.

They asked Ellen for a public apology

5 days ago, Eleila's mother reached out to Ellen on social media by writing an open letter to the actress. There she shared how Ellen's accusations caused a lot of unwanted attention towards her daughter, who is a minor and their family. 

She added that the actress was trying to defame their daughter. She also shared that they kept reaching out to Ellen, but they still didn't receive any response.

In the open letter, her mother asked for an apology from Ellen, but Ellen hasn't given any statement or response. Ellen even posted a video of her taking a pedicure soon after the open letter was posted.

Because of this, they decided to file a complaint in the Office of the City Prosecutor in Pasig City.



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