Husband fulfills wife’s dying wish to keep breastfeeding their baby

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Though Anton Ramos lost his wife, nothing can stop him from continuing to care for their little one. The resourceful and devoted dad manages to continue breastfeeding his youngest son with the help of several kind moms.

Losing a spouse is heartbreaking enough, but losing your partner just when you're welcoming your child into the world is practically unimaginable.

This is exactly what Anton Ramos went through when he lost his wife, Cel, after she gave birth to their second child in March 2016. Her final instructions were to make sure that their baby would be breastfed no matter what.

"Nung nagkaron kami ng first baby, madalas nasa hospital dahil sa asthma," Anton recounted to Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho in an interview. "Every time pupunta kami sa hospital laging tinatanong sa 'min 'nag-breastfeed po ba yung baby?'"

screengrab: Youtube

screengrab: Youtube

After repeatedly being asked this at their hospital, she began researching about breastfeeding and breastmilk when she got pregnant again. She found that breastfeeding has been known to lower the risk of infant complications and even, Asthma.

"So, sabi niya dapat ata mag-breastfeed ako," shared Anton, recalling the time when they were about to have their second baby. He agreed, saying it would also allow them to save.

She was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer in 2009. For six years, she recovered, taking time to plan and prepare for her second pregnancy.

Though she had a mastectomy, leaving her with only her right breast, she was determined to breastfeed.

screengrab: Youtube

screengrab: Youtube

Though she had a mastectomy, leaving her with only her right breast, she was determined to breastfeed. "Very strong yung wife ko," shared Anton, recalling the time when she was fighting back tears post-mastectomy, still determined to nurse her youngest son who was still in the womb.

She managed to give birth to their youngest son, Dos, on March 2016. Sadly, a few hours after giving birth, she went into a fatal cardiac arrest.

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