Meet the dad who makes amazing art using pancakes

Meet the dad who makes amazing art using pancakes

Who doesn’t love edible art? But this dad takes it to a whole new level. 

While most of us are merely trying to master flipping pancakes, Kevin Blankenship has been whipping up pancake art that has brought delight to his nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram. Mixing his love for both cartoons and pancakes, he manages to make delectable works of art that are almost too good to eat!

The dark knight rises (and flattens into a pancake)

Who isn’t a fan of Snoopy? 

We wonder: is this Banana-flavored?

He even takes fan requests!

Cheshire Cat. (Fan request) #breakfast #pancakes #pancakeart #pancakemorning #randombreakfasts #cheshirecat #aliceinwonderland A photo posted by kevin_blankenship (@kevin_blankenship) on

Super mario’s Yoshi looks adorable in Sepia!

More artistic eats on the next page!

This intricate interpretation of Iron Man makes you just want to stare at it!

A smashing morning treat!

This gives a new meaning to the term “Scooby Snacks”!

He made a Miyazaki fan’s breakfast dream come true with this version of Totoro

We wonder if this pancake tastes like a cookie?

On the next page, take a peek into how Kevin makes his amazing pancake art!

Watch how he makes the Avengers come to life on his pan!

Watch how he creates adorable Minions!

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