Dad shares scary picture of his baby's toe to warn new parents about this syndrome

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Kansas dad shared a scary picture of his newborn daughter's toe and got the netizens buzzing about the toe-tourniquet syndrome. Read on.

Scott Walker, a Kansas dad shared a picture of his daughter’s toe on Facebook to spread awareness about this syndrome that many parents did not even know existed.

In September last year, the couple Scott and Jessica Walker who were parents to their 3-year-old girl Mya, welcomed another daughter, Molly. While both the kids were premature, Molly faced initial complications after birth and was kept in the hospital for about three weeks.

But now almost 5-months-old Molly, was doing quite well. Till the couple noticed something strange about their newborn.

A few days back, the Walker couple who were out for a lunch noticed that Molly had been growing restless and was ever overheating. They tried to calm her, but their efforts were of no use and they finally decided to remove Molly's socks.

To their dismay, they found a strange line cutting between one of her toes.

Molly had accidentally wrapped a strand of hair around her toe so tightly that it cut her skin. This is, however, not an unusual condition and is popularly called the toe-tourniquet syndrome.

Toe-torniquet syndrome

A toe-torniquet syndrome is a clinical phenomenon wherein a strand of hair or thread gets wrapped around a toe and causes swelling and in some cases causes loss of digit. Most cases of toe-torniquet have been noticed in young children aged between 4 days and 19 months and can even go up to 6 years.

Although, several studies have been conducted on this phenomenon, a recent study suggests that the hair or thread can be painlessly removed from the digit.

What happened to Molly?

In Molly's case, her mother managed to remove the hair quickly and this stopped the toe from further swelling and even separation.

While her toe is almost healed now, thanks to Scott's quick thinking, many parents are now consistently talking about this problem and have already shared his post over 18,000 times.

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