WATCH: Hero dad throws baby out of the window to save his life!

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After a fire broke out in their neighbor's apartment, a Russian dad had no choice but to throw his precious baby out the window to save his life!

During emergencies, a parent's instincts kick in and their first priority becomes the safety of their child above all else!

A dad in Russia proved this when he managed to save his baby's life by throwing him out the window after a fire broke out in their neighbor's apartment.

According to a report by Newsner, Vitali Balabanov was at home with his wife Helena and their two kids Ksenia, 3, and Evgeni, 11 months old. Sensing smoke coming from the apartment beside them on the 5th floor, they tried to escape through the stairwell. Unfortunately, it filled up quickly with thick smoke.  They were trapped as the fire started to spread. Knowing they had no choice, but to jump, the couple began to fear for their kids' safety.

The quick thinking dad came up with the idea of throwing down a carpet to the crowd below and jumping out first to help catch his family.

In a video clip of the incident, you can hear people screaming "Don't throw them!" but he had no choice. Reports say that the whole family was unharmed, save for Vitali suffering a serious spine injury.

A video of the awe-inspiring rescue is now being spread online and the dad of two is being hailed a hero! You can watch it, here!

Family rescue tips in case of a fire

We can all learn a lot from Vitali. During a fire, it's important for parents to remain calm, but to think and act quickly. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Get out, stay out, and call for help

Once you and all of your family members are out of the burning house or building, do not go back to save your things! Call 117, which is the national emergency hotline or the fire station near your home. Make sure to have their contact number memorized!

2. Crawl low through smoke

Smoke tends to collect upwards, so crawling low will protect you from inhaling too much of it. Remember that during a fire, smoke inhalation poses much more danger than burning!

3. Never open doors that are hot

If a door or knob is hot to the touch, DO NOT OPEN IT. If you do, a huge fire could burst through it! Try to find a second exit or place a wet towel under the door to keep smoke out. If you have access to a mirror or flashlight, use this to signal for help.

4. Stop, drop and roll

If you or your kids unfortunately catch fire, stop, drop, and roll to put the fire out. You can also use a thick blanket to snuff out the fire. If you are trapped and need to go through a flaming hallway, soak a big blanket in water and wrap it around yourself before sprinting to safety.

Do you have more fire safety tips that you keep in mind in case of emergency, moms and dads? Do share them in the comments below!

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