Dads we love: Alan Allanigue on being a father and a broadcaster

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You’d recognize that voice the moment you hear it. It’s the voice that has for years been delivering the news to us. Find out more about the man behind it as he tells us about his life as a father, a husband, and a broadcast journalist.

It was June 1991, and the then young reporter Alan Allanigue was assigned to cover the biggest news of the day, perhaps of the century—the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. “I was assigned to go to Zambales, with me was a station vehicle and driver, and a volunteer reporter,” he shares.

It was an exciting assignment, one that any reporter want to cover in a heartbeat, except Mr. Allanigue’s wife Marlyn had just given birth to their second child Allene. Pressed with a decision to make, Mr. Allanigue eventually decided to take the assignment and travel to Zambales two days after the baby was born because aside from his responsibilities as a father and a husband, he also had a calling— a responsibility to the public as a journalist.

And this is the kind of person Mr. Allanigue is, always serving the needs of others, dedicated to his duty as a father, a husband, and a broadcaster. He juggles his responsibilities as a dad, a husband, a broadcaster and a professor.

src=https://ph content/uploads/sites/11/2016/06/12301562 10206714359550074 30577337993352312 n.jpg Dads we love: Alan Allanigue on being a father and a broadcaster
He wakes up at 4am each day and travels from their home in Las Pinas to the Philippine Broadcasting Service office where he serves as a Station Manager for DZRB Radyo ng Bayan.

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After his day at the station he travels to the Lyceum of the Philippines University in Intramuros Manila to teach Broadcast Journalism courses and then he travels back home. But his days don’t end there. At home he goes on full dad mode for his kids.

“There was a time when my Mom had to work abroad and so my dad stood as a mother and father at the same time for all four of us,” Alaine, Mr. Allanigue’s eldest child shares.

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“I remember when I was going to celebrate my 18th birthday and my Mom was working in Dubai. Dad stepped in and became my debut organizer!,” she chuckles. “When I was in college Dad was always calling me twice or three times a day just to check if I’m okay.”

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“He’s always been very caring to us all and supportive of our endeavors. He’s an awesome Dad,” she proudly declares.

Tell us about your wife:

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My wife Marilyn P. Allanigue is presently connected with Olivarez Group of Companies. She holds two masteral degrees: Masters in Mass Communication and Masters in Public Administration. She is presently pursuing her Ph.D. in Public Administration. She’s a very loving wife.

Tell us about your kids!

src=https://ph content/uploads/sites/11/2016/06/11261813 10205435267253566 4011791758976488750 n.jpg Dads we love: Alan Allanigue on being a father and a broadcaster

Alaine is an information officer at Philippine Information Agency (PIA). She graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts major in Mass Communication, magna cum laude, from the Lyceum of the Philippines-Manila. She is taking her Master’s Degree major in Film at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. She enjoys diving, para-gliding, running and playing badminton.

Allene is a registered psychometrician. She is taking her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at De la Salle University, Taft Avenue, Manila. She is a part-time university instructor.Joshua is presently a freelance graphics artist. He finished his A.B. Multi-Media Arts at the Lyceum of the Philippines-Manila.

src=https://ph content/uploads/sites/11/2016/06/18403 10205144675268948 4930254603153824003 n.jpg Dads we love: Alan Allanigue on being a father and a broadcasterAngelica is a Foreign Service sophomore at the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila. She wants to be a diplomat someday.

How far have you gone to make your kid/s laugh?

To the point of looking silly in their eyes.

What’s your favorite:

  • Daddy duty activity: Bonding with the kids in every possible way, even as simple as driving them to their destination, whenever possible.
  • Dad advice: This one comes from radio personality Casey Casem: Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

Tell us about your:

  • Most heartwarming Dad moment: When I have heart to heart talk with my kids.
  • Funniest moment with the kid/s:src=https://ph content/uploads/sites/11/2016/06/1379627 10201412148998124 219110745 n.jpg Dads we love: Alan Allanigue on being a father and a broadcaster

Too many to mention…

  • Proudest moment as a Dad: When each of my kids was born.

How has fatherhood changed you?

Being a father gave me a new perspective: No degree of success can ever compensate for one’s failure in the family.

When you see that your wife is exhausted from a long day, what do you do to cheer her up?

src=https://ph content/uploads/sites/11/2016/06/13442346 10154323275409074 7795242663824534899 n.jpg Dads we love: Alan Allanigue on being a father and a broadcaster

I ask her out to have dinner or go to a spa for a soothing massage.

Did you turn out to be the parent you wanted to or thought you would be?

Yes. I am very proud to say that my wife and I were able to raise four wonderful kids. They did not give us any problems at all.


Alan Lagos Allanigue is Station Manager at Philippine Broadcasting Service-DZRB (flagship station of PBS) and a Special Lecturer at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. He is father to Alaine, 26, Allene, 24, Joshua, 22, and Ma. Angelica, 18.

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