Dance burns more calories than running, cycling, or swimming!

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Switch from your boring workout routing and just dance!

A recent study from the University of Brighton discovered that certain styles of dance can burn more calories than cycling, running, or swimming.

For the study, 15 students from London’s City Academy between the ages of 24 to 38 participated in a series of dance classes. The dancers wore catapult vests with accelerometers and heart rate monitors, so that scientists could measure their heart rate, distance covered, energy expended, and psychological states.

dance calories

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The dancers tried six styles of dance: ballet, ballroom, contemporary, salsa, street, and swing dance. Here are the results:

  1. Street dance – 606 kcal
  2. Swing dance – 586 kcal
  3. Contemporary – 534 kcal
  4. Running – 528 kcal
  5. Football – 516 kcal
  6. Swimming – 498 kcal
  7. Ballet – 462 kcal
  8. Cycling – 390 kcal
  9. Badminton – 378 kcal

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