Darth Vader baby onesie recalled by Walt Disney Water Parks and Resorts

Awareness and knowledge of what products have been recalled can be the difference between life and death for your children.

True to form, Darth Vader is spreading menace even in the real world. This time around through baby onesies.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is recalling their product due to a choking hazard—particularly the Darth Vader and Disneyland 60th infant bodysuits.

Says a Toyland article: “But the risk posed to infants has nothing to do with the Force or Vader being in a bad mood.

“The bodysuits have a set of three snaps on the bottom that can randomly detach, creating a choking hazard for infants if they were to try and put the snaps in their mouths, like they do everything else.”

Sold at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and aboard the Disney-themed cruise ships for the most of the year 2015, the bodysuits have not yet caused any reported incident or injuries. 

However, if you have the said product and suspect that they are part of the affected batch, don’t think twice before getting in contact with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to find out how you can return the products for a refund.

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What to do during product recalls

Awareness of what products have been recalled can be the difference between life and death for your children.

As parents, there are certain things you can to do make sure no harm will come to your family.

“Knowing about and responding to product recalls can be a lifesaver," says Scott Wolfson, spokesman for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in a Parents story.

Typically, once a recall is initiated CPSC ( issues a press release that is distributed and then posted to its website.

"It's really important they do something and not take the 'cross the fingers and hope it doesn't happen to you' approach," says Jennifer Toney, founder of www.WeMakeitSafer.com.

The website collects and analyzes data from recalled products. They also help parents identify which products have been recalled.

It may sound simplistic but an efficient way to protect children from potentially dangerous products is to heed the recall.

“If a crib is recalled and the warning is that children should not be allowed to sleep in it until the hazard is fixed, then a safe alternative sleeping arrangement should be found,” said the Parents story. “If the solution to a recall is that a small part should be kept away from young children, there's good reason to do that.”

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