Elementary school decided not to give homework for entire year

"We’ve got three daughters in school here and it’s just nice to have evenings together and focus on that and not have homework battles," one dad said.

Let’s be honest: when we were children, most of us disliked the idea of homework. Sitting down and actually doing it was even harder. At the back of our minds, we knew it was good for us, but but back then we hoped that we didn’t have to do them at all.

Now a school in San Diego, California is living our dreams.

At McKinley Elementary School, the school board decided against giving its students any homework this school year.

Predictably, the students are delighted. But as it it turns out, so are some parents.

“I was excited," said dad Mike Anderson. "We’ve got three daughters in school here and for us it’s just nice to have evenings together and kind of focus on that and not have homework battles."

Like most parents having children. Mike is struggling to cope with the amount of homework his children have to accomplish—simply because he has to help them do it.

Echoing Mike’s sentiments, dad Andy McRory says: “I can tell you that my wife and I are both very happy that it was less than it was last year.”

But not all parents feel the same way; mom Elizabeth Newlin has mixed feelings about the new ruling.

“I do think for some kids it’s a struggle and I would hate for parents to go through that, but I also like to prepare them for middle school,” she told Fox 5 News. “I kind of liked having 15 to 20 minutes a day but when it got over that I was frustrated.”

Meanwhile, McKinley Elementary School assures parents that just because they’re not giving homework, that doesn’t mean their students are allowed to laze away.

The school has instructed parents to spend at least 20 minutes reading each night with their kids. They also ask parents to complete unfinished work in class that day and to support their children’s learning outside the classroom.

In an e-mail to Fox 5 News, the school said:

“While students may not be working on traditional homework packets, this approach still requires effort at home by the student and the parent, and is in line with the district’s homework policy.”

Every household and parenting technique is different. How one household approaches homework may be different from another household's approach. But personally, how do you feel about this, mom and dads?

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