LOOK: Mom makes adorable and affordable DIY costumes for her toddler

Using simple materials, this mom makes Pinterest-worthy costumes for her 2-year-old son Enrique! Check out her creations, below...

Halloween is just around the corner and for moms and dads, this holiday not only means running around trick-or-treating with their kids, it also gives them the chance to get creative!

Just like mom Ina Arabia-Garcia, who has started a yearly tradition of making DIY costumes for her kids that are as adorable as they are affordable.

photo courtesy of Ina Arabia-Garcia

“Costumes are usually only worn once and it’s really not practical to spend so much,” she tells theAsianparent Philippines. “Plus, I always like unique costumes you don’t really see normally. That’s what makes me make my kids’ costumes every year.”

The mom-of-three has also made costumes for her 4-year-old daughter Isabelle ever since she was born. Her youngest Jaime, who is 6 weeks old, will get to join in the fun this year!

Isabelle and Enrique last Halloween 2015 (photo courtesy of Ina Arabia-Garcia)

“I am about to make their costumes this week,” she shared.

photo courtesy of Ina Arabia-Garcia

All it takes is her own imagination and a quick scroll through google or Pinterest to help her get inspired.

“The costumes have to be easy to make as I don’t make really elaborate costumes and don’t have time for it but I always try to think of something different,” shares Ina.

photo courtesy of Ina Arabia-Garcia

The key is to keep it simple!

photo courtesy of Ina Arabia-Garcia

Aside from being easy to make, Ina believes parents don’t have to break the bank to make great costumes.

“I normally don’t spend anything since I use materials and clothes I already have,” reveals Ina. “But sometimes I need to buy materials since I’ve run out or I don’t have that particular color. I usually just spend on cartolina, 22 pesos for a pack of 3 and felt fabric 80 pesos for 1/2 yard and that usually more than enough.”

photo courtesy of Ina Arabia-Garcia

She also makes use of leftover materials from old craft projects. “I usually use cartolina, felt fabric, cardboard, old folders, colored paper,” she enumerates. “If I need to buy I just head to the book store or to the Department store for felt fabric.”

So where are she and her kids off to this Halloween?

“We go trick or treating in the village and the mall,” she shares. “The kids like to see other kids in costumes as well.”

photo courtesy of Ina Arabia-Garcia

For moms looking to whip up last minute, affordable and adorable costumes, Ina’s advice is to be resourceful but most importantly, to make sure their kids have fun wearing their creations!

“Just think of something simple which you can do with what you already have. A lot can be done with cartolina, colored paper and glue,” she adds. “Plus, what’s important is your kid enjoys what he or she is wearing!”

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