How to politely tell relatives not to kiss your baby

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Here's how to stop your loved ones from kissing or being overly affectionate towards your baby without hurting their feelings

"Don't kiss my baby, please." Have you ever found yourself saying---or wanting to say---this to your relatives or friends? Perhaps you fear for the health risks kisses from adults can pose to your little one, or you're simply not comfortable with it.

Whatever your reason for not wanting your baby to be kissed by others, it can be tricky, especially because relatives can be extra affectionate, especially towards adorable babies during the holidays.

Christmastime in the Philippines also means flu season, which makes babies most at risk for getting bacterial or viral infections during the holidays.

There have been several alarming stories making headlines recently. Like that of a mom in the United Kingdom, whose baby girl got Herpes from a kiss, or the tragic death of a days-old newborn after being kissed by someone with a staph infection that was passed on through a cold sore.

So it's all the more important for people to know that a baby's immune system is still developing and they haven't been fully vaccinated yet. To an adult, it might just be a simple cough or cold sore, but it could cause serious harm to a baby, especially a newborn.

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Here are some ways to say "Don't Kiss My Baby" politely

Though some might call you paranoid or overprotective, there's no harm in being extra careful these days. It also wouldn't hurt to tread lightly when refusing to hand your baby to well-meaning titos and titas.

1. You can hug her or play with her hands and feet, but no kissing please!

Paula Mendoza, a new mom, shares with theAsianparent Philippines that this is how she deals with some relatives, by still offering them a chance to be affectionate, but in a safe way!

2. Sorry, I really feel like there's a flu going around so...

There's nothing like simply being direct and making sure it's clear that it's nothing personal. If you're speaking to a close relative, then they will surely understand.

3. I haven't been kissing my baby these days, too

If you have also been keeping yourself from kissing your baby because you feel you're coming down with something, then others will surely understand why they can't either.

4. Say you have to feed/change diapers/or bring your baby to a cooler place

If they can't take a hint and you simply don't want a confrontation, find something to distract them or busy yourself with caring for your baby.

The important thing to know is that no one has the right to kiss or even hold your baby without your consent. You know what's best for your child, make sure everyone knows this, in the best way you see fit!

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