Exclusive Video: Doris Bigornia nagpaka-diva at The Script concert

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Is this how a celebrity mom should behave in public? Watch this video of Doris Bigornia in a heated confrontation with a concert-goer after watching The Script.

What would you do if you heard a Filipino celebrity say something horrible about your child?

Local news websites are all abuzz with a story about ABS CBN reporter Doris Bigornia's alleged poor behavior at The Script concert that was recently held at the SM MOA Arena in Pasay City. On April 19, 2015, Richard Lim posted a lengthy rant on Facebook describing a confrontation he had with Doris and members of her family after the concert.

src=https://ph admin.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/sites/11/2015/04/Doris Bigornia .jpg Exclusive Video: Doris Bigornia nagpaka diva at The Script concert

Richard Lim's first encounter with Doris

According to Lim, he, his wife and young son were seated in the VIP section in Row A seat numbers 18, 19 and 20, which happen to be right in front of the center of the stage. They had a good view of the stage and looked forward to enjoying the concert. However, as soon as the arena lights switched off and The Script made their way to the stage, fans from the back of the VIP section began rushing to the front of the stage, fans including Doris Bigornia and her daughter, Nikki Bigornia.

While Lim says that he anticipated people running to the front of the stage, the situation quickly spiralled out of control when his son began having a panic attack. The young boy, overwhelmed by the crowd, distraught and in tears, hyperventilated and had to breathe into a paper bag to control his breathing.

According to Lim, "Bouncers were able to control the crowd by pushing them back but Doris and her daughter and a few people beside her resisted to leave. I went to her and ask her politely and said “mam favor lang I’m seated right behind you and you are blocking my view” and she didn’t even reply but instead looked over to the other side. My son was already hyper ventilating because it was starting to get crowded again. Bouncers tried to push Doris and company away but her daughter shouted on top of her voice to the bouncers and said “paalisin nyo muna lahat bago kami umalis dito”. I went back and ask her politely again “mam favor lang nahihilo na ang anak ko baka pwede naman tumabi na kayo para gumaya yung iba” and Doris replied “WALA AKONG PAKI KAHIT MAMATAY SYA DYAN!"

Shocked by her behavior, Lim says he remained calm and tried to appeal to Doris and her daughter, but to no avail. After the concert, Lim once again came face-to-face with Doris.

The Confrontation between Lim, Doris and her children

"On our way out, we passed in front of them (Doris and family), her son was looking at me with a grin so I confronted them and ask the son, Lorenzo Sungalon, if he had any problem with me and he said why did I keep on looking at them. Doris said “yan ang hirap sa inyo eh, porque media ako iniipit nyo ako tapos youtube nyo agad” you are doing in purpose so that people will take a video of it and post it in youtube I replied by saying “ yun ang problema, media personality ka tapos ikaw pa ang nag pasimuno ng pag harang sa harap kaya tuloy nagayahan lahat” the daughter started shouting and cursing me and I responded by saying “ I’m not talking to you so please shut up”, then her son pushed me and said “fuck off and don’t ever tell my sister to shut up”.

For the full text of Richard Lim's post, click here.

The exclusive video that theAsianparent acquired shows the heated confrontation between Lim (in red), Doris (in green), her son (in black) and her daughter (polka dot top). Towards the end, you see Nikki Bigornia approach the person taking the footage and hits the camera so that it would stop recording.

Watch the exclusive video of said confrontation here: 

Other videos have been uploaded by audience members closer to the confrontation. The videos show Nikki telling her mother that she had caught an individual recording the incident - the individual Nikki was referring to was the camera man of the above video.

Click "Continue reading" to read how The Script lead singer stopped the concert to check on Richard Lim's son and for parenting lessons we've learned from this confrontation. 

The Script lead singer stops concert and tells security team to check on Richard Lim's son

src=https://ph admin.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/sites/11/2015/04/Screen Shot 2015 04 22 at 10.28.27 AM.jpg Exclusive Video: Doris Bigornia nagpaka diva at The Script concert

Unbeknown to the audience, The Script lead singer Danny O'Donoghue stopped the concert for a few minutes before performing their hit, "Nothing". According to an Instagram post, an audience member who was standing beside Lim, shares that Danny had sent a security team and presumably The Script's manager to check if Richard Lim's son was okay. Danny had seen the boy crying from on-stage and wanted him to be brought in front of all the screaming fans so that the boy could have a better view.

theAsianparent was able to get in touch with Richard Lim who confirmed the incident saying, "He wanted me to bring my son forward so he could have a better view. I said he is traumatized right now and bringing him in front would further endanger him because if people will rush forward he might be trapped in the barricades."

Doris Bigornia issues public statement

On April 22, 2015, Doris Bigornia has finally broken her silence. Her post is as follows:

src=https://ph admin.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/sites/11/2015/04/doris2.jpg Exclusive Video: Doris Bigornia nagpaka diva at The Script concert

Parenting lessons we've learned from the Richard Lim vs. Doris Bigornia confrontation

1. Always set a good example

Whether you're a celebrity or not, it's important that moms always set a good example especially when with their children. Children mirror their parents, so parents must always be cautious and conscious of everything they say and do.

2. Show compassion

When a child is in distress, show compassion avoid saying phrases such as, “Wala akong paki kahit mamatay siya diyan!" As a parent, you'd never want anyone to say that about your children, so why say something so horrible yourself?

3. Be humble

When in the wrong, acknowledge your mistakes and apologize. As simple as that.

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