8 Traits in men that make them the best father, husband and lover

8 Traits in men that make them the best father, husband and lover

How well did your partner score?

Love is always complicated and can sometimes make you turn a blind eye to your man's faults instead of seeking out dream guy qualities. And while it is easy to swoon at that handsome smile, hunky body, and those protective arms, you will need to look beyond all that if you are looking for THE ONE. While having dream guy qualities might seem a little far-fetched, here are eight traits in men that you should be looking for.

Does your man have all of these?

1. He's Open and Honest



Does he embrace his strengths and weaknesses? Is he living a life of honesty and integrity? Surely you want a man who is open about the way he is. Of course, there are some men who require a little more work before they open up. But how he lives right now is a good indicator of how he will be when he lives with you. You want to be sure he will treat you right.

2. Must-Have Dream Guy Qualities: Faithfulness


Obviously, no one wants to be with a cheater right? This is why trust and faithfulness are very important in relationships. You don't only want a man to love, provide and support you. Just ask any woman and she will tell you the same thing — "I want him to be faithful to me."

3. You Can Depend on Him


You want someone who can handle situations while keeping his cool and not just explode when things don’t go his way. Another important one in the list of dream guy qualities is a guy who you can depend on. Find a guy who is capable of handling things and not just a big baby. If he doesn't show maturity then how will he be able to handle life’s trials and tribulations? You need to know you can depend on him, not be his mom.

4. He Is Ambitious


Who doesn't get attracted to ambitious men? When men are ambitious, chances are they will build a stable foundation financially and lead a successful life. A great man is also one who sets out to achieve great things. Yes, being ambitious is hot, but it also inspires us to better ourselves and to be ambitious also.

5. He Is a True Gentleman


He’s a true gentleman to everyone and especially to those he cares about. How does he treat his mom? Is he generous and kind?

A real man treats everyone with respect, regardless of their social status. Who says chivalry is dead?

6. You Feel Safe


Do you get that sense of calmness and being safe when he is around? Do you feel protected? If he is the type who will always look out for you, you can be sure you will always be safe in his arms.

7. He Really Loves You


Every woman wants to be loved by the man she loves the most. True love is when the other person's happiness and well-being matter more than your own. It is being with the person you want to spend every moment with so that you can feel complete. It may seem impossible, or true only in movies, but one can always hope for these dream guy qualities in their partner.

8. Masculinity


Do other guy friends look up to him and respect him? Do many people value his opinion or notice dream guy qualities in him? If he’s a good role model to others, he’ll be a good role model to your children. At the end of the day, most of us want to settle down and have a family. Find the man who would put his family first. A man who loves his family is bound to take care of them in the future.

So how well did your partner score ladies? Share with us in the comment box below!


Source: Men's Health

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