Drew Arellano shares wife Iya is doing a 'phenomenal job' as a mom

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"Iya, being a first-time mother, she's doing a phenomenal job..."

For new dad Drew Arellano, "every day is mother's day". Speaking to PEP in an interview, the first-time dad gushed about how devoted a mom his wife, TV Host Iya Villania, has become.

"Iya, being a first-time mother, she's doing a phenomenal job," marveled the 36-year-old TV Host. "She's working, she wakes up four times in the middle of the night without waking me up in bed just to pacify Primo, feed Primo. It's just a phenomenal job. Every day I think is Mother's Day."

All I need.

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Even though they're in the same line of work, their schedules differ and so Drew manages to care for Primo while Iya is working.

"It’s a good set-up for me right now that I only do TV work for three days straight. Buti na lang, my business [requires me to work] in front of the computer. So when I’m not shooting for Biyahe ni Drew or taping here in GMA or somewhere near Quezon City, I’m home," he explained. "And ako, how can you leave the house with that face? Primo’s face is just so [adorable]."

I'm 4 months old today! @antonioprimoarellano

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Iya, a dedicated breastfeeding mom, also works around Primo's feeding schedule.

"As much as possible, gusto ko hangga’t hindi pa siya nagso-solid food, gusto ko kasama ko siya para mapadede ko siya," she said in the same interview. "Ayaw ko siya masanay sa bote kasi gusto ko yung kailangan niya ako. Ayoko nung hindi niya ako kailangan."

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