5 Reasons why drinking wine every day is good for you

5 Reasons why drinking wine every day is good for you

Having a glass of wine at the end of a busy day not only relaxes you, it keeps you younger and healthy, too!

For many parents, winding down with a good bottle of wine is the best way to end a busy day. Wine does not only relax you, it also offers a host of benefits that make it even more enjoyable.

Consuming a glass a day can not only boost your energy but contribute to your physical and emotional well-being.

Here are five reasons why you should include drinking wine in moderation into your daily routine.

It makes you look younger

Yes, you read that right. Wine doesn't only help you unwind it can knock years off of your age.

A new study by the American Society of Human Genetics claims that those who have one to two glasses of wine per day aged better than those who didn't.

It's good for your heart

This is one of the more commonly known benefits of wine but it bears repeating. Wine expands blood vessels, and improves circulation and overall heart health.

It boosts your immunity

A lot of people don't know that wine is a beverage packed with anti-oxidants and essential vitamins. Red wine has been found to have more anti-oxidants than white wine.

Wine is rich in B-vitamins, good enzymes, and omega-3 fatty acids.

It helps you lose weight

Wine improves digestion thereby upping your metabolism and helping you slim down. More than that, it also improves the composition of your stomach by lessening the risk of bacterial growth.

It teaches you to savor life

Wine wasn't meant to gulped down (but, that's totally fine if you prefer it); it's best when enjoyed sip by sip.

This art of savoring the drink teaches you to appreciate life and the free time you have to relax at the end of a long day.

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