Ease your weaning woes with these mommy-approved tips!

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Breastfeeding is very good for babies, but for one reason or another, moms will eventually have to wean their babies. Here are some mommy-approved tips!

According to the WHO, breastfeeding should last for 12-24 months or for as long as both the mother and the baby want. Choosing when to start weaning is different for every mom, but for all mothers, weaning your child off breastmilk can be a daunting task.

From breast to bottle

While some moms opt to do it “cold turkey” and just stop breastfeeding abruptly, it can have adverse effects such as breast engorgement or depression. That’s why it’s best to take it slow and steady so you can gradually transition your child from breast to bottle.

They key to weaning is that you have to be consistent. Whichever method you choose to wean your child, the key is to always be consistent. If you’re trying to limit the number of times you breastfeed per day, then make sure to stick to it, with no exceptions.

You also shouldn’t limit yourself to just trying out a single method. Moms use different techniques or methods that they find work the best for them. That’s why you should be open to trying out new things or taking some weaning tips and adapting them to suit you and your baby’s needs.

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