WATCH three young moms conquer their fear of cooking for their family!

WATCH three young moms conquer their fear of cooking for their family!

Moms, are you dreading preparing Christmas dinner for the family? Watch these three moms conquer their fear of cooking with the help of a secret ingredient!

Christmas is our favorite time of the year to celebrate with loved ones! But it is also a nerve-racking time as your cooking skills are put to the test by the much anticipated Noche Buena spread you have to put together for the entire clan. What you need is an easy Christmas meal!

easy christmas meal

Is it even possible to make an easy Christmas meal?

Cooking is already challenging as it is, especially when you’re a new mom who’s still learning to prepare basic dishes, let alone the art of preparing a complicated meal.

There’s that constant fear of disappointing the kids, your husband, mother-in-law, your own mom, and even other family members and friends by serving them a dish that they have to politely pretend to enjoy.

What you, as a fledgling home cook, want is for them to react with looks of satisfaction and delight as they taste the food you have worked hard to prepare.

easy Christmas meal

Cooking a nice holiday meal doesn’t have to be stressful. And this theory was put to the test when three moms were given the challenge to cook none other than the Pinoy’s all-time favorite celebration dish – spaghetti!

But, the challenge came with a twist. The three moms were allowed to use two secret ingredients that they had not tried before: Royal Spaghetti and Royal Sweet Style Spaghetti Sauce.

With just limited ingredients to work with, they soon discovered to their delight the elements to making the perfect spaghetti dish – firm noodles blanketed in a rich and thick, sweet spaghetti sauce made with real tomatoes.

Watch as these three young moms confidently conquer their fear of making a disappointing meal, and find out who exactly would be judging their culinary creations!

Moms, do you also dread the thought of having to prepare the Noche Buena meal for the entire family? We know how stressful it is to cook for so many people, especially with both your mom and mother-in-law sitting at the table, ready to critique your limited culinary skills – not to mention the unsolicited advice on how to be a better cook!

With Royal Spaghetti and Royal Sweet Style Spaghetti Sauce paired together, your mom and even your mother-in-law will want to know what your secret is! Your husband and kids will be begging for seconds, while the rest of the family will already be planning to celebrate Christmas at your home for the following years to come.

easy Christmas meal

Relax during the holidays with Royal Spaghetti and Royal Sweet Sauce in your kitchen and enjoy an easy Christmas meal

What’s more, holiday cooking will no longer be a daunting task for you, but a delightful and delicious way to bring the entire family closer together.

Find out more about Royal Spaghetti and Royal Spaghetti Sauces from their FB page.

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