5 Cute Eco-friendly DIY projects to try with your kids this weekend!

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These do-it-yourself projects using recyclable items are a great way to nurture your kids' creativity and love for the environment!

As Earth Month draws to a close, it’s important for parents to remind kids of the importance of caring for the planet, in our own little way. Raising eco-conscious kids should not be complicated. Instead of bombarding them with overwhelming facts about climate change, you can teach them to waste less and care for the environment, by recycling in creative ways.

Through eco-friendly DIY projects, kids aren’t just encouraged to get creative, they’re also given the opportunity to contribute to a healthier planet—every little bit helps! Plus, working on these projects creates an excellent way for kids and parents to bond.

Here are just some eco-friendly DIY craft projects you and your kids can make this weekend!

1. Memory Jars

This project, made out of found things and mason jars, are great ways to keep reminders of your family’s best memories. You can use sand, shells, and other objects as well as photos. Kids can be free to choose what themes the jars will have! The best thing is that you can add or rearrange them anytime.

Find out how to make your own vacation memory jars, here.

memory jars 5 Cute Eco friendly DIY projects to try with your kids this weekend!

photo: The Fuzzy Dragon facebook

2. Washi Tape Village

Create a colorful and charming miniature village out of colorful recycled paper and washi tape! Kids can keep adding to this project as their washi tape collection grows. Get some design inspiration, here.

Find out more crafts you can create with washi tape, here!

3. Eggshell Flowerpots

Why throw eggshells away when you can use it to breathe new life into any space? Remember to keep the carton, too. Fill the eggshells partly with soil, plant the seeds, and place it in a sunny windowsill. Seedlings will begin to sprout after a few days. Don’t forget to water them! Once ready, you can transfer plants to a larger pot or your garden.

You can choose different seeds and label each eggshell accordingly. This is also a great way for kids to brush up on their botany.

eggshells feat  5 Cute Eco friendly DIY projects to try with your kids this weekend!

photo: Facebook

4. Bread Clay Beads

Why hit the store when you and your kids can make summer accessories of your own? All you need are leftover bread crusts, lemon juice, craft glue, paint wire, cold cream, and a drinking straw and you’re good to go. Find out how to make your own set of bread clay beads, here!

5. DIY Play Kitchen

We previously interviewed a DIY-loving mom who created the prettiest play kitchen out of balikbayan boxes. With ingenuity, you can make one of your own with your kids, too! Why stop at the kitchen? You can create an entire playhouse using leftover boxes, paint, glue, sticks, and string!

Here’s how she made the gorgeous play area for her daughter.

before and after kitchen 5 Cute Eco friendly DIY projects to try with your kids this weekend!

photo courtesy of Rodessa Villanueva Reyes

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