Even our non-biological moms deserve our thanks this Mother's Day

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Mother's day should be an opportunity to thank not just our biological moms, but all of the moms that we've had in our lives!

Mother’s day is usually reserved for our biological moms. However, being a mom goes further than just being the one who gave birth to us.

We should also make mother’s day into an opportunity to thank all of the non-biological moms that we’ve had in our lives!

For the stepmothers

Even our non-biological moms deserve our thanks this Mother's Day

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There’s always this myth about “evil” stepmothers, and to be honest, that’s as far from the truth as you can possibly be.

A lot of stepmothers, and stepparents in general, treat their stepchildren as their own children, genuinely concerned for their welfare and always looking out for them.

So for those who have stepmoms, don’t forget to give them a nice big hug this mother’s day, and thank them for becoming your mother.

The mothers-in-law

Ah, mothers-in-law. You could say that mothers-in-law have a worse reputation compared to stepmoms, and you hear a lot of stories about scary mothers-in-law.

But in reality, they’re just like any other mom, who wants to keep their child safe, and only wants the best for their child. You might mistake their overprotectiveness as being mean to you, but try to understand it from their perspective, and we’re sure that you’ll agree.

So this Mother’s Day, make sure to greet your mother-in-law a Happy Mother’s Day, and maybe buy them a gift, just so they’ll like you more.

And all of the other ‘moms’ in our life

For your ‘mom’ back in college who guided you through the ins and outs of the university.

The ‘mom’ in your barkada who took care of you whenever you partied too hard, and also became the shoulder you cried on when your boyfriend broke up with you.

To your tita who always gave you gifts and always gave you great advice.

For all the foster mothers who were unable to have kids of their own, so they took care of those kids who don’t have any mothers.

We should thank all of them this mother’s day, because being a mother doesn’t always mean that you have to give birth to someone. Being a mother means that you take care of other people, and shower them with your love, affection, and understanding.

Source: theguardian.com

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