Excessively sleepy baby

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How can a parent tell if they have an excessively sleepy baby? Read to find out what Dr Lee Le Ye from NUH Singapore has to say and what you can do about it.

How can a parent tell if their baby is excessively sleepy? Should parents be worried?


Does your baby excessively sleeps?

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If this is so, then parents need to be concerned as the lack of feeding can lead to problems like dehydration and low blood sugar, this is usually due to underlying illness.
A newborn who is excessively sleepy will not wake up at regular intervals to feed, or cry for feeds. Noises and loud sounds like dog barking and thunder will not wake them. Generally, they do not do any activity except for sleep.

Parents should go for screening tests which are available in the hospitals in Singapore, they have tests which can exclude serious conditions like congenital hypothyroidism, metabolic disease and hearing impairment. If the parents have difficulties waking their babies or their babies have a fever, they should seek medical attention immediately.

Excessively Sleepy Baby Question Answered by

Dr Lee Le Ye

Associate Consultant

Department of Neonatology

National University Hospital