8 fun and exciting activities that you should do with your husband!

Do you ever feel like you and your husband are running out of excitement in your lives? Well, here's a list of things to do to keep the spark alive!

It’s common for marriages to sometimes feel routine, or monotonous, since that’s just the nature of relationships. However, it’s nevertheless important to ensure that you’re still keeping the spark alive in your marriage.

So here are some fun and exciting activites that you can do with your husband to make things more exciting!

1. Go hiking!

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The Philippines has a lot of hiking trails that are perfect even for the beginner! Why not change things up a bit and instead of going to the beach for the weekend, you and your husband can go hiking! It’s a healthy alternative, and nothing beats the great view at the top!

2. Go on a roadtrip!

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Road trips are always a fun and exciting activity. You and your husband can try and bring some excitement into your relationship by going on a long road trip and just see the sights around the country! You can even take your kids if you want. It’s a really great way to bring your family closer.

3. Work out together

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Exercising together not only keeps the spark alive, but it also keeps you and your husband fit and healthy! It’s also a good way of making sure that both of you get enough exercise, since you’ll be more motivated to work out if you’re with your partner!

4. Watch a play or a musical

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While it’s true that there are a lot of good movies that are coming out this year, watching a play or a musical is still a completely different experience. To mix things up, why not look for a play that you and your husband are interested in and try to get tickets. Who knows, you guys might find a new hobby!

5. Explore a museum

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Did you know that entrance to the National Museum in Manila is now free? So why not take advantage of this and try and inject some excitement, culture, and history into your lives! If you have kids, you can also take them to the museum for a fun and educational date!

6. Take bike rides together

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Casual bike rides are a really great date idea for you and your husband. Bike rides are fun, relaxing, and also a form of exercise! It’s also nice to bike around the neighborhood and just talk about how your day went. Bike rides a really good stress reliever! If you don’t know how to ride a bike, then it’s also a good opportunity to learn!

7. Have an impromptu date!

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Dates are always fun, but impromptu dates are better! If you and your husband have some time to kill, then why not go on an impromptu date and just wing it! We’re sure that you and your husband will have tons of fun! You can try going to a new restaurant that has just opened, or try going somewhere that you just never had the time to visit.

8. Go stargazing!

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Ah, stargazing. These days, people get too distracted by social media, television, their mobile devices, and the internet. So why not try to go out and gaze at the stars with your husband? It’s a really fun and romantic activity, and looking up at the night sky and seeing countless stars is always amazing!

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