"Tough Love" Parenting: Raising Kids to be Succesful

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Researchers in the UK claim that children who receive "tough love" and discipline from their parents are most likely to succeed later on in life.

“Parents are the principal architects of a fairer society through the impact they have on children’s character development.” – Jen Lexmond of U.K. research institute Demos

Researchers in the United Kingdom claim that children who receive tough love and discipline from their parents are most likely to succeed later on in life. They have seen a big difference between children who receive good parenting and those that don’t. They also claimed that pregnant mothers who are stressed and troubled pose increased risk on their unborn children to fail in developing important life skills.

Richard Reeves, director of Demos, believes that “parenting is the final frontier for issues of social justice and social mobility. No government can ignore the fact that some parents need more support than others: we must end this conspiracy of silence.”

The study stresses the importance that parents play in changing a nation. Experts say that the foundation of our character is established before the age of five. So if we want to make an impact in our society, then we have to start in our homes. As parents, we have to love and discipline our kids so that they will grow up to be responsible members of the society.

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