Family ends amazing 100-year streak of having only boys

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It's been over a century since the last time a member of this family had a baby girl!

“It’s a boy!”

That’s a phrase that the Underdahl family has rejoiced plenty over the past century or so. In fact, they’ve exclusively celebrated the birth of baby boys ever since 1914.

Amazingly, Scott and his lovely wife Ashton welcomed a baby girl named Aurelia on April 12. The family was shocked to find out they would be parents of a baby girl. In fact, Ashton told KREM news that she anticipated the streak continuing.

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“I wasn’t mentally prepared for a girl,” she said in her interview with KREM.

While they were certain no girls had been born in the family for at least a generation or two, the couple was shocked to see how far the female drought dated back.

Scott says that his uncle Conrad had been combing through the family tree to trace back the last recorded birth of a female when he discovered it had been over 100 years! The last female birth recorded in the family was Aurelia’s great-aunt Bernice in 1914.

Scott and Ashton, before Aurelia’s birth, had been raising their son Asher (2) and had never thought about the idea of raising a girl. Now, they say they’re as excited as ever to explore the possibilities of having a daughter.

Obviously, 100 years is a long time to go without a female birth, but as Scott’s uncle Conrad says, “Maybe it took more than 100 years to create perfection.”

There’s no doubt she’ll be getting the princess treatment from the entire Underdahl clan.“She’s a cutie. We’ve been spoiling her a bit because it’s just different finally holding a baby girl,” Uncle Conrad claims.

Hopefully, Aurelia’s birth ushers in a new wave of streak free births for the Underdahl family! For now, there’s no denying that her birth was something special for this family, and it can truly be said that it was one for the records!

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