Father-daughter bonding ends in accident leaving child’s skull exposed

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They rushed the girl to a hospital in Rayong, Thailand where doctors worked on the bleeding four-inch long gash.

In Thailand, a bonding time between father and daughter immediately turned into bloody accident.

It started out innocently enough, when 25-year-old father Em Phoeykiln picked up his three-year-old daughter Om and began throwing her playfully in the air.

Sadly, Em failed to realize that a fan was spinning overhead.

“Three-year-old Oum was left with a huge gash that exposed her skull after dad Em Phoeykiln, 25,picked her up in their living room,” said a Mirror report.

Father-daughter bonding ends in accident leaving child’s skull exposed

Photo credit: SWNS / Mirror

“But the tot was left with a severe injury when her head clattered into the spinning fan – hitting her so hard that the metal blade bent with the impact.”

They rushed the girl to a hospital in Rayong, Thailand where doctors worked on the four-inch long gash.

“I was just playing with her at home like we do all the time,” said Em, who works as a driver. “Somehow when I was throwing Oum up in the air, her head hit the fan. I wasn’t letting go of her and she was still in my hands. But she just hit the fan.”

He also recalled seeing blood pouring out of her daughter’s head, and that she was in a lot of pain.

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“Seeing her in pain like that was hurting my heart a thousand times over. And the doctor said it would be almost 70,000 Baht (£1,550) to do the surgery.

“We don’t have that money but the doctor said ‘don’t be slow to decide, as it could be too late’.

“They wouldn’t reduce the price but they did the operation and we are selling our belongings at home to pay for it.”

During the emergency surgery, doctors stapled Oum’s head shut and then bandaged her head.

Thankfully, the toddler is healing well. She is now back home and is already walking again, but she will have a massive scar on her head.

Photo credit: SWNS / Mirror

Photo credit: SWNS / Mirror

“She has been so strong and we’re proud of her. Now she’s smiling again, but we won’t be playing that game anymore,” Em said.

“We would pay any amount of money to have saved our beautiful daughter. But we have a huge bill that we’re battling to pay.”

For a night in the hospital and the emergency surgery, the family had to pay a total of 69,647 Baht—an amount they don’t have.

However, they are still trying to figure out what to do to pay off the bills.

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