Angry father stabs son after failing to study for school exam

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In severe cases of over-parenting, it creates anxious, depressed, dependent and emotionally inhibited children.

All parents want their children to have a good life, and the first step in order to achieve that is for them to do well in school and finish with high marks to get a good job.

That’s why it’s understandable when parents get upset when their children don’t take school or their grades seriously.

However, for one Japanese father, the thought of his son failing had been so unbearable that it drove him to stab the 12-year-old after he failed to study for a school entrance exam.

According to a Time Magazine report, the boy’s father, 48-year-old Kengo Satake, told police that he "argued with his son for not studying" before a test to enter a private junior high school.

“The son, named Ryota, died from loss of blood in hospital on Sunday, as confirmed by officers working in Aichi prefecture in the city of Nagoya,” the report said.

The police were alerted of the incident after the hospital staff phoned in the report, and the father was promptly arrested.

He told the police that he had stabbed his son “by mistake.”

Ryota was hoping to gain a place at one of the leading private schools in Aichi prefecture and his father had regularly argued with his son over studying, said public broadcaster NHK.

Competition for entry to the best schools in Japan is intense, says a Hindustan Times report. Admission to a prestigious school is seen as having a decisive impact on a child’s future prospects.

The boy’s mother, on the other hand, was at work when the incident took place in their home.

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What is overparenting?

Over-parenting or helicopter parenting is a practice characterized by parents who hover over their children even into and through their young-adult years.

Negative side effects of helicopter parenting

Helicopter parenting has been known to worsen a child’s anxiety as well as their academic performance during their K-12 years.

Meanwhile, a Huffington Post story says that, in severe cases of over-parenting, it creates anxious, depressed, dependent and emotionally inhibited children.

“If we continue to over-parent our kids, we are in danger of raising further generations of adolescents that are missing three key virtues of character: self-reliance, self-confidence, and resilience,” said psychiatrist and author Abilash Gopal.

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