Father's Day Special 2015: Ton and Martine de Luna

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Martine de Luna is a well-known mommy blogger who empowers and encourages fellow bloggers and her readers. But behind Martine is a man who's always had her back, her husband, Ton de Luna. Read more about him here.

Through her blog, Make it Blissful, and Instagram presence, Martine de Luna has been able to reach out to fellow women, and encourage them to live purposefully, based on what they truly want and need. This lifestyle design is something that she has also applied to her own life.

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Martine and her husband, Ton, are proud to have a family that doesn't live according to any norm. Both work from home, flexibly and on their own terms. This husband and wife tandem fit and work together so well, that it isn't surprising just how much they have managed to accomplish together.

Learn more about Martine and Ton through this special interview for Father's Day.

1. How did you and your husband meet? 

We met as kids in Singapore. At the time, both our families were expatriated. He was my brother's friend, not mine! We didn't talk at all the whole time we lived there, haha, and I actually thought he was mute, haha!

2. Could you please share a summary of your love story leading to your wedding day?

We grew close here in Manila, after both our families returned for good. That was around our late teens, early 20s, when we happened to be in the same church. Eventually he pursued me, after we'd been friends for a time within church. We married in 2008, in the garden of my parents' home.

3. What are three things you learned from your husband during the early period of marriage? How have things changed since then? 

1) He is pragmatic. Ton is a sensible and humble guy. It's what I eventually came to love about him. Here was a guy I wasn't just attracted to, but someone I could follow, who could lead, who would ensure our family's safety and that we always have a roof over our heads.

2) He respects my equal opportunity to do work that I love. He supports that I have a blog coaching business that requires me to meet clients or work out of the house.

3) He looks out for his folks: Ton always has been mindful of his parents: that they are doing ok, or if they need help. He is able to still honor them without us having to live with them. So that's something I like about him, because while he respects and protects our marriage boundaries, he is mindful in thinking about the well being of his folks.

4. What were your plans regarding children?

We planned to wait a year to have our first child, and we kept to that plan, at least to ten months of it! We decided early on we would have two kids at the most, unless God put in us the desire for more. We have to kids now!

5. What was his reaction with your first pregnancy and what was he like until you gave birth? Has it changed with succeeding pregnancies?

Ton has always been a doting husband, but never smothering. Tamang-tama lang. He likes to serve me and make sure I am comfortable. He was excited for each pregnancy, and just as helpful. Still, he had time for his own stuff like his sports and friends.

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6. What are some of the qualities that you like about your husband as a dad? Could you please explain?

Perhaps the main thing is that he has always been a hands-on dad. Our son calls his dad "my best friend," which is great becaus they bond that way.

7. What are 3 qualities that your children like about their dad? 

1) He is always there for them, literally! Both Ton and I work from home, so we have a very nuclear family life. Our kids love that.

2) He is fun. Ton brings the fun into things, because he likes to joke and playfully tease, and he can deal with things like pillow wrestling and mad dashes in the park.

3) He reads to them at bedtime, every night.

8. What is his parenting style and how does it differ from yours?

Ton is different with each kid, because we have a preschooler and an infant. But what I appreciate most about his style is that he will try his best to do everything I can do, with the exception of breastfeeding of course hahaha!

9. What are 3 parenting tips that you learned from your husband?

1) Make time for silliness, every day.

2) A messy sink can wait if kids need you and,

3) Dads can do almost anything mom can.

10. If you could send your husband a message, what would you say?

Dear babe: Mwah! Thank you for everything you do each day as we raise our two monkeys together. You are the best tag teammate a mom could have. We may have crazy busy nappy-filled, cereal-obsessed, Disney-Junior-addicted days, but there's no one else I'd rather go through them with than you. I love you so much!

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