Filipino mother-of-two executed in Kuwait

Filipino mother-of-two executed in Kuwait

Jakatia Pawa, an OFW and a mother-of-two, was executed in Kuwait for the alleged murder of her employer's daughter. Until her death, she maintained her innocence.

Jakatia Pawa, a mother-of-two, was executed by hanging earlier today for allegedly killing her employer's 22-year-old daughter. Since her arrest in 2007, she has maintained her innocence.

They did not accept the blood money

According to previous reports, she allegedly killed her employer's daughter during her sleep by stabbing her 28 times back in 2007.

Senator Cynthia Villar shares that the DNA that was found on the murder weapon "did not match Jakatia's DNA."

The DFA added that they did everything that they can in order to save Jakatia from execution. DFA spokesman Charles Jose shares, "The embassy made the last-ditch efforts, trying to save her. The embassy made representations with the Office of the Ameer, while at the same time, the department called early this morning the Charge d’ Affaires of the Kuwaiti embassy here in Manila."

He adds, "Up to the last minute, we were hoping that the family will accept the blood money, but the family did not agree."

She asked him to take care of her children

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Jakatia's family is saddened by the turn of events. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Angaris Pawa, Jakatia's brother, said that he had appealed to the president to help his sister.

He was quoted as saying, "To our beloved President, I hope you could help my sister to save her life. She will be executed tomorrow." He was also the one who confirmed that his sister was going to be executed earlier today. His sister personally called her family to tell them that she will be executed.

She also asked him to take care of her two children, whom she left behind in the Philippines when she left to become an OFW in Kuwait.

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella added that the government did everything that they can in order to save her life, however, under Kuwaiti law, the execution can no longer be stopped.

She was executed along with six other prisoners.


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