Filipino myths and facts about pregnancies

While some traditional practices are harmless, some might have adverse effects on your child! Learn more by reading the article!

Filipinos are very traditional, superstitious even. This is especially true when it comes to pregnancies as being pregnant here in the Philippines means that people everywhere will be giving you all sorts of advice, tips, and other beliefs and practices when it comes to pregnancies.

However, some of these age-old tips aren't always accurate, and sometimes they can even be harmful for you or for your child. Here are just a few Filipino myths as well as facts about pregnancies that you should know!

1. Paglilihi

While it's true that pregnant women have cravings for specific types of food, it doesn't mean that what they eat has an effect on the baby. There's simply no scientific basis to back up a connection between the food you eat, and the baby's appearance, skin color, etc.

Sometimes, paglilihi isn't about food, in some cases, pregnant women become fond of a person, or a celebrity, or even a pet, and they think that it might have an impact on the baby. It's totally false, there's absolutely nothing you can do to change your baby's appearance, even if you keep staring at the photo of your favorite K-Pop idol!

2. 'Usog'

In the Philippines, whenever a baby gets sick, it's sometimes blamed on 'usog'. Usog is similar to an 'evil eye' belief that came from the west. This is why visitors to a baby or a pregnant mom should put salive on their hands, trace a cross on the baby's forehead, and say 'pwera usog' to counteract the effects.

Not only is this false, but it can also possibly be bad for the child as saliva contains a lot of bacteria that the baby's immune system might not yet be able to handle. What's the best thing to do to keep your baby healthy and safe? Just follow your doctor's orders and you'll have a healthy, and happy baby.

3. Malunggay and other soups help your milk production

Now, this one is absolutely true. Soups and liquids really do contribute a lot when it comes to your milk production, so if you're worried that your milk supply might not be enough for your baby, you should try eating a lot more soups and drinking a lot of fluids.

Malunggay is also traditionally known to increase your milk supply, and you can add it to almost any type of dish! So make sure to always have malunggay at home to help boost your milk supply.

4. You should refrain from having sex during the pregnancy

This is totally false, as it's absolutely fine to have sex with your husband even if you're pregnant. In fact, there's really no way that you can harm your baby if you have sex during pregnancy.

It's also a great way for couples to bond with each other and to get closer. So don't worry about it too much.

5. Alcohol should be avoided by pregnant women

While not really a myth, there are some people who say that alcohol is okay for pregnant women.

In reality, it's actually bad for pregnant women, even if it's just a small amount of alcohol, as alcohol has a lot of negative effects on your baby. The dangers also extend up to breastfeeding, since if you drink alcohol and you breastfeed, the alcohol will go to the milk that your baby drinks.

This is why if you drink alcohol, it would be best to stop drinking during your pregnancy, as well as when you're breastfeeding your child.



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