"I am finally learning to be proud of my body and my stretch marks..."

"I am finally learning to be proud of my body and my stretch marks..."

I was not happy with myself, and more than trying to please anyone else, I wanted to first feel happy and confident about my own self.

Let’s face it. The moment we hear that we are pregnant, our happiness knows no bounds, and the next 9 months are some of the most special ones that we spend waiting for the new bundle to arrive.

However, the reality when you become a first-time parent does have its negative or low sides too. In fact, in my case, the growing weight and the stretch marks were only making me more and more worried and depressed.

I gained a crazy amount of weight with a lot of stretch marks despite taking all the precautions right from the second trimester. Nothing worked and I was pushed into a deep space of low on self-esteem and disappointment.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I spent the first week almost in shock, and more than anything else it was the fact that there is a living being growing inside me that was causing the stress. As I got used to the idea and became, the growing weight worried me. I started wearing clothes that were not really flattering and I started hating myself in the mirror.

I was not happy with my body at all...

While I started getting back to my regular self after the birth of my baby, I was never happy with my body. I avoided parties and wouldn't wear clothes that I would have earlier worn by choice.

But, somewhere inside I knew that don't want to be like this. I was not happy with myself, and more than trying to please anyone else, I wanted to feel happy and confident about my own self.

The second time I got pregnant, I was sure I would bounce back, even though I would first give myself time to relax and let my body heal.

I did just that. Till the time my younger one was more than a year old, almost 2 in fact, I was in that phase of pregnancy where I had all the weight I had gained.

My weight was 80kg. I resolved to get healthy and fit and I knew I would work my body to do so. And yes, I am proud to say that I did lose almost all of that weight, and today, I am 52 kg, within a span of about 2 years. All that happened without any fad or crash diets.

I fell in love with myself...

I started loving my own body, and that is how my journey began. I realized that I had to first start loving the body I saw in the mirror, and to do that, for me it was important that I reach a certain weight level. As I started eating better, it also had a positive impact on my skin and hair.

The next part that I wanted to handle were the stretch marks, and trust me, I have tried a lot of products, including the magical coconut oil. But alas, it does not work. I have all my stretch marks, and now I have understood that no matter what I do, they won’t get away.

I have nurtured two beautiful babies inside me and given them birth, and yes, if in the bargain I have those stretch marks, so be it. I am a proud mommy, and I look at the stretch marks as my tiger mommy stripes. I have earned them, and I am going to cherish them forever.

It is only when I started thinking like this about myself that I realized it was not that bad to gain some weight and to have those stretch marks. We can always work on these things, and even if we can’t we can wear our mommyhood proudly, and learn to love ourselves.

Republished with permission from: The Indus Parent

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