Find out how this humble cafe gained support from moms everywhere

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Check out what this Australian cafe did to garner support from moms and netizens all over the world!

In an attempt to fight the stigma associated with mothers breastfeeding in public, The Willows Cafe (Willoughby, Australia) is offering free tea to breastfeeding mothers!

src= content/uploads/sites/11/2016/04/cafe breastfeed.jpg Find out how this humble cafe gained support from moms everywhere

The sign in the window of the humble, yet progressive, cafe reads, "Breastfeeding mums: pop in have a FREE cup of tea if you need a pit need to eat, no need to ask--Please relax."

Moms everywhere have been raving about the sign. Not just because of the free tea, of course, but because of the effort this quaint little cafe is making towards eliminating any negativity towards breastfeeding in public. Sure, they won't be able to make every coffee shop, restaurant, or lounge follow in their footsteps, but they're taking a step in the direction by offering a safe place for moms to nurture their newborns.

The idea that there are still places and people that shame mothers who publicly breastfeed is absurd and offensive. Establishments like The Willows Cafe are proud to show the progressive nature of their ownership and are setting a good example for many venues worldwide. After all, in a world that's not entirely accepting of public breastfeeding, it can be difficult for a mother to find a suitable place away from home to nurture her child.

After being shared across many social media platforms, The Willows Cafe's supportive advertisement has gained international attention. Obviously, this is good for mothers in the small suburb just outside of Sydney, Australia. But it's also good news for mothers worldwide. The support that mothers and other netizens are paying towards this progressive cafe could spark change in your local venues.

Hopefully more places around the world will encourage public breastfeeding!

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