5 Steps to Finding and Keeping the Right Yaya

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Having a hard time finding the right yaya? Follow this easy 5-step guide on how to look for the perfect one that would help take care of your children.

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Finding the perfect yaya is difficult, but with the right mindset and a positive outlook, you’re bound to find her.

 Had enough of sleepless nights with a high-need baby? Foregone too many gimiks with family and friends? Simply want to be more productive at work without the stress and worry that wait at home?

So now you’ve finally decided: “I need a yaya.” Worry no more. Here are helpful tips on finding the right one.

Trust No One But Yourself

We’ve heard of several scary stories of unreliable help like the yaya quitting without her two weeks’ notice or a yaya who spanked baby because she couldn’t get him to sleep. They’re out there, the yaya-zillas. Believe it or not, the first step is really the hardest one: looking for a ready applicant.

You could get a yaya from an agency, but for your peace of mind, get personal referrals from friends, family or your closest circles. It’s hit or miss out there — and you definitely don’t want to miss, since it’s your child at stake here.

List Your Expectations

Ask yourself why you need a yaya. Is it because no one will be with your child while you’re at work? Do you need an extra hand at home?  Plan what yaya‘s workload and hours should be. Will she just be caring for your child or will she be doing other chores at home as well? Will she be staying in or going home daily?

We recommend referring to The Kasambahay Law by clicking this link to an infographic from gmanetwork.com. It explains the steps in legally hiring a yaya, including the responsibility of providing them benefits like SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig.

Know Her to Find Her

The best yaya is the one who has had a lot of experience in being one. But there’s really no better way to know a worker but through work. Before actually hiring her, have a trial period of a week or two with shorter-than-the-regular work hours before committing long-term.

If this is your first time to hire a yaya, the best training period would be during maternity leave or before baby is out. And while on trial run, train your yaya. Sometimes it’s not about finding the right one, but making the right one!

Get Her the Right Way

Make sure you secure her papers and get her medical done. You want to be extra sure about who you’re hiring. This is the person who will hold, feed, bathe and be with your child like white on rice during days you won’t be. So don’t worry — she’ll understand this necessity. If she doesn’t, you’re hiring the wrong person.

Yaya Should Be Baby’s Second Mama

Let’s say you struck gold and found the right one. You like her background, attitude, work habits, skill set and chemistry with the baby. It’s now time to make your new yaya feel like family. There is no hard and fast rule to achieve this and, obviously, this is not done in a day. The most important thing to remember is to empathize with your yaya, especially when the going gets tough.

Don’t allow her to abuse your kindness, though. Time and again, remind her that you’re still the boss by giving her subtle and well-placed verbal jabs at her coming back late from her day-off or not hanging the towel at the right place. It takes time and a lot of effort in finding the right yaya, mentally and physically, but you’ll get those back tenfold when you find her.




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