The first-time mom's guide to battling morning sickness

Is morning sickness making your pregnancy journey a struggle? Find out how to ease it, here.

First-time moms have to deal with new, often overwhelming physical changes. One common issue is morning sickness. Though scientists still can’t say what causes this, what we know for sure is that many moms can around the world can relate to the struggle of feeling nauseated and vomiting throughout the day—not just in the morning as the name suggests.

Here are some tips for first-time moms to battle morning sickness, and also provide relief to other issues like sciatica and constipation.

Go for chilled food

Much of the nausea experienced during bouts of morning sickness can be attributed to smelling food that makes one queasy. Warm or hot foods tend to give off an aroma that stimulates the gag reflex. So going for chilled or cold food helps keep the queasiness at bay.

Eat early in the day

Making sure you snack even before you’ve had a proper breakfast helps you feel less nauseated because an empty stomach increases the risk of nausea. Salty crackers, in particular, have been found to be most effective.

Always have lemons handy

Merely sniffing lemons can help manage nausea when pregnant. Better yet, snack on lemon slices or drink lemon water or lemonade!

Take ginger or vitamin B6

Grate ginger and make tea or purchase ginger capsules to help ease nausea. If you experience heartburn or acid reflux, be sure to inform your doctor immediately.

Managing constipation

Add complex carbs to your diet

Eating more whole grains helps make it easier for body to digest food, thus lessening constipation. Plus, fibre helps you retain water, making stool softer and easier to excrete.

Enjoy more fruits and vegetables

Green, leafy veggies and fruits are excellent sources of fiber. Plus, they keep your digestive system clean and healthy. Adding honey, milk, and soy beans have been known to boost disgestive health.

Managing sciatica

Make sure you get enough vitamins

If you’ve ever experienced a shooting pain that radiates from your lower back to your legs as you advance in your pregnancy, it’s most probably sciatica. Go for omega-3 rich foods, like walnuts and fish, to help reduce muscle and nerve inflammation, which leads to sciatica. Getting enough vitamin A and vitamin B is also important. So stock up on carrots, spinach, bananas, and sweet potatoes!

Don’t indulge your sweet tooth

This may be particularly challenging, especially if you’re craving sweets while pregnant. But staying away from sugar can help provide relief of sciatica. If you really do need a sweet fix, go for dark chocolate instead.

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