5 important things to ask before disciplining your children

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Be a more effective parent by asking yourself these five questions before disciplining your children.

As parents, disciplining your children can be tricky. On one hand, you will want to make sure you do your part in teaching them good behavior and values. At the same time, the process can be an emotionally exhausting test of patience.

disciplining your children

Moms and dads, how effective are you in disciplining your children?

One of the challenges in disciplining your children is making sure that your words and actions are all within reason. What you say and do, even the consequences that you impose on your children for bad behavior, should match their understanding of right and wrong.

It is also easy to get carried away with your own frustrations when it comes to disciplining your children. This is why you should stop to assess yourself and your methods every once in a while. You can start by asking yourself these five important questions.

1. What’s the big deal?

Your child has misbehaved, and you are upset about it. Before you say or do anything, think about how big of a deal his misbehavior actually is. This is not a question that is easily answered, but by determining whether or not you are facing a real issue here can help you decide what next steps to take, or if it’s just best to let go.

disciplining your children

Before you react when your children misbehave, think about whether or not they understand that what they did was wrong.

2. Is this just my kid being a kid?

As you think about whether or not the misbehavior of your child is a big deal, also consider that this could simply be your child being a child. This is particularly important when you are a parent of very small kids. Sometimes, disciplining your children requires managing your own expectations.

For example, a two-year-old may not really understand why it is wrong to stick fingers into sockets or electric fans. You also should not expect a toddler to sit quietly in “time out” for several minutes just because you said so.

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