10 Kinds of food that can stunt the growth of your child

10 Kinds of food that can stunt the growth of your child

These foods could be preventing your child to reach his full height

What stunts growth?

Remember when you were a kid and your mother used to tell you that coffee would stunt your growth? It turns out she was wrong. However, there are certain kinds of food that can slow your child’s growth, if too much is consumed. Here is a list of foods that stunt growth of your childs. What stunts growth? Sometimes, it’s food! So please pay attention if you want your child’s height to reach its full potential.

Foods that stunt growth of your child

Dr Rashmi Dwivedi, Head of paediatrics department from Hamidia hospital says that kid’s food must be healthy because it has connection with their height.

“Children’s relationship with food is directly related to growth. Chocolates, chips and noodles are good acquaintances but the regular Indian platter is best if one wants to be tall and smart.”

foods that stunt growth

Foods that stunt growth | Image from Dreamstime

Foods that stunt growth of your child

1. Junk food

Experts says that eating junk food can actually stunt the growth of your child. This is because of the ingredients and unknown bad benefits of a certain junk foods.

There are so many reasons to cut junk food out of your children’s diet, and here’s one more. Junk food, as its name implies, have very little nutritional value, and does nothing but make your children’s stomachs full (and increase the risk of diabetes and obesity). Make sure that your child is only consuming a very limited amount of junk food.

2. Soda

Carbonated drinks contain phosphorous, which is a useful mineral for development, but when consumed in large amounts can affect calcium levels. Studies have found that kids who consume more phosphorous have lower bone density. The more kids consume unhealthy foods like soda and junk food, the less likely they’d consume the proper nutrients. Limit soda consumption to help your child grow taller.

3. Microwave popcorn

Last foods that stunt growth of your child is the everyone’s favorite. The popcorn.

Many microwave popcorn contains a butter topping that has hydrogenated oils that bad for your child’s growth.

4. Soy

Though it hasn’t been scientifically proven that soy stunts growth, unfermented soy like soy milk, yogurt, and tofu contain phytic acid, which reduces calcium absorption. Calcium is vital for bone development, so consuming too much unfermented soy can affect your child’s growth.what stunts growth

5. Sugary cereals

Many box cereals were containing a lots of ingredients that will stunted your child growth. It also contains too much preservative.

6. Alcohol

Studies suggest that alcohol consumption can stunt growth, but unfortunately, plenty of kids who are still growing consume alcohol. Make sure your kids know about the dangers of alcohol, and model good drinking behavior.


Foods that stunt growth | Image from Unsplash

7. Sugar

Kids who consume a lot of sugar are usually shorter than kids who have low-sugar diets. Like carbohydrates, sugar raises your body’s insulin levels and prevents the body from growing properly. Though you shouldn’t ban your child from consuming sugary treats, make sure they do so moderately.

8. Fried foods

Its okay to eat fried foods but TOO much oil in body can result to a lot of complications like stunted the child growth. Many foods in fast food and restaurant serves fried food that contains hydrogenated oil. Because it can shelter a food for a long time.


Stunted child growth | Image from Unsplash

9. Noodles

Maybe you were wondering why your child’s growth hasn’t increasing. If your kids loves to eat instant noodles everyday, the amount of monosodium glutamate (MSG) in their body is very active. The main purpose of the MSG is to add and enhanced the flavor a certain food.

10. Rice

While rice by itself isn’t bad for your kids, a high-carbohydrate and low-protein diet slows your kids’ growth. If your child’s plate has more carbs than protein, this will probably stunt their growth. Children who have a more balanced diet with both carbohydrates AND protein are more likely to achieve their full height.


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Here at theAsianparent Philippines, it’s important for us to give information that is correct, significant, and timely. But this doesn’t serve as an alternative for medical advise or medical treatment. TheAsianparent Philippines is not responsible to those that would choose to drink medicines based on information from our website. If you have any doubts, we recommend to consult your doctor for clearer information.

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