Sharon and Kiko's daughter Frankie Pangilinan is all grown up!

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Frankie Pangilinan, who will be turning 18 this December, made her parents Sharon and Kiko very emotional when she attended her JS Prom night.

Remember Sharon Cuneta's daughter, Frankie Pangilinan? Well, she's turning 18 this December, and she also has just celebrated her JS prom! 

Frankie Pangilinan is all grown up!

On an Instagram post, Sharon shares, "Something’s gone very wrong in the universe! Why is my second daughter going to JS Prom tonight and all made up and dressed up? How did this happen, Frankie? Oh. Em. Gee. What a beautiful/handsome bunch. Have a great time tonight! While Dad and I cry. Huhuhuhu. We love you, Simone."

Sharon posted another photo, this time of her husband Kiko and Frankie, with the caption, "And Daddy on the verge of tears! Awwww... his little “Kiklet” is off to the Prom and he’s wondering where all the time went... Ayoko talaga magpapicture!!! Ako photographer ng lahat ng ito! Swipe left."

Is a career in showbiz in Frankie's future?

Just last year, Frankie Pangilinan released a song she wrote called "Battlescars," and also graced the cover of Meg magazine.

Does this mean that a showbiz career might be in Frankie's future?

While we can't say anything for certain at this point, it seems that her parents are very supportive of her decisions. Plus, Frankie also inherited her mom's good looks and talent, so it's not really hard to imagine her pursuing a career in showbiz.

Her big sister KC also had a successful showbiz career, so being a celebrity definitely runs in the family!

Either way, we're looking forward to great things from Frankie, and we do hope to see more of her soon! 


Source: Kicker Daily

Photos from: Instagram

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