Frequent urination at night can be a sign that your kid might have diabetes

Frequent urination at night can be a sign that your kid might have diabetes

Does your little one tend to have a habit of frequently urinating at night? It can possibly be a sign that your child might have diabetes.

According to an expert, frequent urination at night can be a sign of 'polydipsia', a condition that is a symptom of diabetes.

Frequent urination isn't always serious, but it's not normal

Dr. Oyie Balburias shares that while there are a number of reasons that can potentially cause a child to urinate frequently at night, parents shouldn't just ignore this symptom, especially if their child is a bit on the 'heavier' side.

For the most part, some kids tend to urinate frequently at night because they drink lots of liquids. However, if the frequent urination tends to keep them up at night, or if their liquid intake hasn't gone up, then it might be time to get your child checked by a doctor, since frequent urination isn't normal.

Here are some questions your pediatrician might ask you:

  • Does your child urinate frequently, and also urinates large amounts every time?
  • Does your child wake up numerous times just to go to the bathroom?
  • If your child is already potty trained, do they tend to frequently wet the bed?
  • Does your child feel that they have to urinate frequently, but suddenly change their mind?
It can potentially be diabetes

Another probable cause of frequent urination would be polydipsia, which is a symptom of diabetes. Polyuria, or urinating large amounts of urine at a time is also a sign of potential diabetes. These 2 signs, coupled with sudden weight loss can potentially be a sign of diabetes in kids, so it's important for parents to observe their children and get them tested if they think their child has diabetes.

Nowadays, diabetes among children is becoming more and more common as a lot of children are getting exposed to sugary snacks and drinks, which might taste good, but have negative effects on their health.

Additionally, children who are on the heavier side are more at risk of diabetes, so it's important to make your child's health and fitness a priority, even at a very young age.

Other causes of frequent urination

There are also other causes of frequent nighttime urination among children. These include the following:

  • Voiding dysfunction - this happens when your child rushes to urinate because they want to get back to playing, or for any other reason. It's important to encourage your child to empty their bladder and take their time when they urinate.
  • Urinary tract infection - urinary tract infection or UTI has symptoms of a burning feeling when urinating, back pain, nausea, and the feeling that they have to urinate frequently. Bloody urine can also sometimes be a sign of UTI.

Whatever the cause of your child's frequent urination might be, it's important to get them checked out by a specialist so that you can address any potential risks or even complications in the future. Your child's health is very important, so never disregard any unusual symptoms or behavior.


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