10 Funny mom HUGOT lines you probably heard growing up!

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"Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako."

Though it pains us to see our beloved moms upset or sad, there are times when they're just too adorably funny without even realizing it. Here are some hugot lines you most likely heard from your own mom over the years! (Some of these you may have said to your own kids!)

1. "Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na 'ko."

Don't even try justifying your point, she's not having it.


2. "Ubusin mo pagkain mo, madaming nagugutom sa kalye."

Don't even try reasoning out with "kung kinain ko ba 'to mabubusog sila?" unless you want to get a spanking.


3. "Aba sumasagot ka na ngayon? Wala ka nang respeto."

Usually preceded by "ano? Sumagot ka!"


4. "Layas ka nang layas! Hindi kita pinagaral para maglakwatsa lang."

It doesn't matter if you're in high school or working your first job, asking permission for an out-of-town trip requires the right timing.


5. "Ayan, diyan ka magaling! Manang mana ka sa tatay mo."

Just say you're sorry.


6. "Noong bata ako sampung piso lang baon ko. Maswerte na nga kayo eh."

This is typically followed by an adorable monologue about the good ol' days.


7. "Anong akala mo sa 'kin, tumatae ng pera?"

Though she wants to give the best for you, there are times when she minces no words when she lets you know that finances are tight.


8. "Bahala ka sa buhay mo..."

She may seem upset, but she doesn't mean it. Of course, she still cares what you do.


9. "Mami-miss niyo rin ako pagwala na ako."

This form of lambing is usually preceded by a request for the entire family to go out, but everyone has other plans.


10. "Pag naging magulang ka, maiintindihan mo din ako..."

One day, you'll get it. Just you wait.


Have any funny hugot lines to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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