Funny things moms say to misbehaving children

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It’s not easy to keep your cool when your child is throwing a fit. Sometimes in your attempt to make them stop, you blurt out the craziest threats and statements to get their attention.

We’ve talked to some amazing moms and asked them about the funny things they’ve said to their misbehaving kid.

These moms sure know how to knock our socks off!

funny things moms say

Try the wishful thinking angle.

“Me to my eldest: Ate, not because you want something does it mean you can get it! Kung ganun, eh di dapat nakapag Europe na ako!

Anak ko: Huh? Mom?”

– Clarice Anne Aviñante, 37, Positive Discipline Parent Educator


Create a story about kids that misbehave.

“My husband made up a story of the boy whose ears shrank because he did not listening to his mommy and daddy. He made that up when Caleb was in a stage of retaliation and he would tell him, ‘Hmm.. I think your ears are getting smaller.’ Takutin ba? Effective naman.”

– Kristina Estacio Villa, 37, SAHM of 2


Call others for help.

“’Ibibigay kita kay Aling Pasing, yung magsasaging o kay Mang Toto yung magtataho.’ My mom used to threaten me with this when I would misbehave as a kid. Nahawa na rin ako. The kids know I’m exasperated na pag ganun.”

– Noreen Velicaria Dollisen, 35, SEO Content Writer for Thumbtack


Make them laugh!

“When Kate and Tyler get upset for wanting something that they can’t have, I just say ‘You’re face is getting ugly. Oh no! It’s getting scary!!!’ He/she then runs to the mirror to look at his/her facial expression then would start laughing. It’s easier to talk to them when they’re not so mad anymore.”

– Ann Buzeta, 36, SAHM and Registered Nurse


Bring up the poop subject.

“I’ll let your poop eat you! Chomp, chomp, chomp!”

– Jufel Guinanao, 27, Licensed Librarian


Make another baby!

“Pag di ka umayos, gagawa na kami ng bagong baby ng Daddy mo at di ka na magiging baby uilt (di na talaga sya magiging baby kasi kuya na siya).”

– Jesusa Corazon Tan-Amoguis, 29, WAHM Freelancer


Because crying for no reason is futile.

“Okay lang umiyak pag may dahilan. Kung wala, halika. Gusto mo bigyan kita ng dahilan? *Insert sinister smile*”

– Jea Cruz, 37, WAHM and Entrepreneur

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