10 funny tumblr posts about dads

10 funny tumblr posts about dads

Dads are an enigma. Sometimes, they're very serious and other times they do the funniest, silliest, and craziest things. These tumblr posts prove just that.

Dads are usually the rock of the family. They teach us how to be strong, dependable, and along with our mothers, they help us build our character. However, sometimes our dads do some crazy things. Here are 10 tumblr posts that show how funny dads are.

1. This dad just tried to print a video


tumblr posts that show how funny dads are

photo from: imgur.com

Hmm, we think this dad is overestimating the limits of technology quite a bit.

2. Dad jokes right?

It’s just one of those things that you really can’t unhear. Now we’re all thinking about crisp rats every time we see Chris Pratt.

3. Oh dear, dad joke number 2

Dads always have this knack for finding the bright side in anything. Even if they’re really bad jokes.

4. Alright, this will be the last dad joke… for now

If you read it a few times over, it starts to get funny.

5. This is glorious, just glorious

tumblr posts that show how funny dads are

photo from: jakemalik.tumblr.com

Did he run because he got scared of the knife, or was it because he’s scared of Jar Jar Binks? We’ll never know.

6. I guess it’s like when your dad visits you in school

In this case though, you’re an adult with a job, and your dad is an embarrassing customer. Good times.

7. That dad must have been stressed out

photo from: meladoodle.tumblr.com

photo from: meladoodle.tumblr.com

We can all agree that this is more embarrassing than calling your teacher mommy or daddy.

8. Uhh, safety first I guess?

At least he was concerned about the house burning down.

9. Hey, dads get bored too

tumblr posts that show how funny dads are

photo from: stilesmcalll.tumblr.com

Though, he must’ve been really bored to play around with a potato shaped like a shark.

10. Gotcha! Number 4 wasn’t the last dad joke

tumblr posts that show how funny dads are

photo from: destielmytimelord.tumblr.com

The good thing here is that this dad isn’t really concerned about his kid’s sexuality. We’re more concerned about his dad jokes though.

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