G-Force's Teacher Georcelle shares how you can help kids overcome shyness

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In an interview with theAsianparent, the mom of three and dancing icon shares some practical tips on how you can build up your kids confidence!

The Philippines' dance industry has pretty much been dominated by the G-Force dancers. Spearheading this powerhouse dance crew which has evolved into a reputable dance school, is Georcelle Dapat-Sy.

The mom of three wasn't always planning on becoming a dancer. In fact, playing the piano was her first love, competing at age 9. But her artistic inclinations broadened when, as a young girl, her mom nurtured the performer in her.

"Maybe my mom noticed I was super likot na bata. At age 8, she brought me to YWCA that was in Taft to enroll me in a Jazz class," recalled Georcelle at the launch of Promil's iShine Talent Camp. "I took a break and then when I was 10, she brought me to Metropolitan Dance Theater. So, that's when I started dancing, all forms of dance--jazz, ballet, tap, Hawaiian."

"Kids inspire me," said Georcelle. "I see a lot of parenting styles which helped me with my own kids and my students at G-Force dance center."

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Her stint as a mentor for iShine is consistent with the goal of her dance school, which welcomes kids as young as 5 and imparts "the gift of dance" through various classes. She acknowledges that "learning is never ending", adding that their school knows no age limit; they even have a student who's 56.

Aside from knowing that learning knows no age, she also acknowledges that are many ways to learn. In fact, she shared, her 6-year-old son learned how to play the piano through watching tutorials online.

"Being part of Gen V, the internet is their second language", said Georcelle. "Marami silang matutunan, with guidance." The mom-of-three also stressed the importance of helping kids manage their time.

"Kids inspire me," said Georcelle. "I see a lot of parenting styles which helped me with my own kids and my students at G-Force dance center."

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"Kung mahiyain pa rin, try pa rin. Never get tired of trying."

As a mom, she discovered that the key to helping kids overcome their shyness is to first "immerse them".

"And then, expose them sa environment. Once they're exposed, magwa-warm up lang yan eh," assures Georcelle. "And then try again. Kung mahiyain pa rin, try pa rin. Never get tired of trying. So, just keep on exposing them to dance studios or music schools. Expose them lang kung ano man yung interest ng mga bata. Kung nasha-shy, that's fine. Keep on talking to them. Keep encouraging them."

Even her own kids---aged 15, 11, and 6---went through shy stages, too. "But I never forced them," she continued in an interview with theAsianparent.

"My kids are all dancing, that's their exposure. My 15 year old, I brought her to a dance school in Ballet Philippines before when she was 6 and age 8," recounts Georcelle.

But dancing didn't come naturally for her eldest daughter, Jaja, when she was younger.

"I just brought her there. But the interest wasn't that intense," confides the supportive mom, but she noticed Jaja cultivated another talent. "So, for me, when I saw it 'oh yung anak ko nagso-socialize lang' that's what she likes, so having people skills for as early as that age, that's growth already, and that's development already, so do not think na wala yon, na wala silang natututunan, so for me 'okay, dancing is not the interest yet but meeting a lot of people, yun talaga ang major interest."

When her eldest turned 13, that's when she began showing an interest in dance. Unilke her mom, whose initial training was ballet, Jaja became into hip-hop. "Now, she's dancing na with the G-Force tweens. In fact, she performs na with Darren Espanto, as in performing on stage," Georcelle proudly told theAsianparent.

As for her younger kids, they are all into the arts. "My 15-year-old also paints, does calligraphy. My 11 year old...hardcore dancer," she said with a chuckle. "And also he's into music. Actually, all of them are into music. My 6-year-old plays the marimba and xylophone because of his exposure sa school. He knows how to play with a company, with a group. And then, he likes to read. He reads a lot." Georcelle's husband, Angel, also supports their artistic endeavors as the manager of G-Force.

More than coming naturally, Georcelle credits their "exposure" to these forms of artistic expression as one major factor that cultivated their love for it and their continuous growth in their chosen forms of expression, much like their mom, grooving through life with as much passion and talent.


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