Gary Valenciano underwent emergency heart bypass surgery

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After finding out that he had a blocked artery in his heart, Gary Valenciano had to immediately have an emergency heart bypass surgery to fix the problem

Last May 6, Gary Valenciano underwent an emergency open heart surgery in order to remove a blockage in on of his arteries.

Gary Valenciano told his fans to not worry, but to pray for him instead

The singer made the announcement through social media partly in order to quell any rumors regarding his health, and also in order to reassure his fans about his health.

He shares, "Two weeks ago, I celebrated my 35th anniversary in entertainment with a dance performance with my son, Gabriel, and a beloved team that’s second family to me. 

“To some, it may have looked like routine movements for my songs from yesteryears, but that performance is one I won’t ever forget. My life from that point would never be the same.

“After that dance, I felt a sensation I’d never felt before not even during the times I would push myself, riding my mountain bike on the trails for extended periods of time—I felt tightness and pain in my chest."

"Friends—the good news? I have a good, strong heart. The doctors are amazed.

"My heart and all its blood vessels,—with the exception of one, are miraculously in excellent condition.

"Surprising after 39 years of Type 1 Diabetes. The tough news? The one exception—the main valve, my left anterior descending artery (LAD) is 95% blocked and now has very thin walls, because of diabetes," he adds.

Gary also reassured his fans, saying"Do not worry please, only pray—I have an expert team of gifted doctors, some of them have taken great care of me for many, many years now."

His surgery was a success

On the evening of May 6, Gary's wife Angeli made an announcement regarding her husband's condition.

She said that the surgery was successful, and that her husband is doing very well.

"Paolo, Gab, Kiana, and I visited him at the coronary recovery room and doctors have said he is doing very well.

"In behalf of our family, I request for prayers for my husband’s speedy recovery," she adds.




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