Gender disappointment is normal

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Gender disappointment may not be as unusual as you think — read on to find out more.

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It is normal for some parents to have gender disappointment.

In an article on the Today website, pregnant moms confessed their disappointment about their baby’s gender, which brings us to the realization that, indeed, gender disappointment is normal for many expecting women (and maybe their partners too!).

When we hear stories of mothers who are disappointed with the gender of their children, we often feel that they are very ungrateful. We think that a good mother should just be happy that she’s pregnant — whether her child is a boy or a girl.

Sometimes, we even look at such moms condescendingly and shake our heads, without knowing that gender disappointment is perfectly normal, according to experts.

The heartbreak that parents feel when they don’t get the child that they ‘want’ is real. Experts want people to know that just because a mother has a gender preference doesn’t mean that she’s ungrateful or bad.

Katherine Asbery, MA, is one such expert.

A clinical psychologist who authored the book Altered Dreams: Living with Gender Disappointment, Asbery says that gender disappointment is a normal process that people go through when they see their plans altered. What they need to do is to learn to make new plans.

Learn more from Katherine Asbery through her personal blog.

Now, we want to know — how did YOU feel when you discovered your baby’s gender? Were you disappointed? Or were you happy? Come share your experiences with us by leaving a comment!

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