9 tips to help you protect your kids from germs this rainy season

9 tips to help you protect your kids from germs this rainy season

The rainy season can bring germs that can make your kids sick. Here are some key tips to keep your child germ-free and safe from illness.

With the rainy season just around the corner, germs are not far behind.

As a parent, you might want your kid to experience the sheer delight of playing in the rain or splashing in puddles. But at the same time, you are also worried about the potential risk of germs that your child will be exposed to.

While the rains soak the earth, making our surroundings green and lush, the overflowing drains and dampness it leaves behind are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can harm your kids. Flu bugs and never-ending colds — your child can catch any of these diseases (and more) during this season.

So mums and dads, how can you keep your kids illness-free during the rains?

Here are a few tips:

9 tips to help you protect your kids from germs this rainy season1. Give them the flu shot.

Flu is one of the most common rainy-season diseases that affect children when they are out and about. When your kids get the flu bug, it can affect your whole family, with young babies being especially vulnerable to it. However, there is a simple solution to this problem: the flu shot. Giving your kids the flu vaccination before the rainy season starts can save all of you from this medical menace

protect your kids this rainy season2. Make sure they wash their hands.

One of the fundamental tenets of sanitation is frequent hand washing with soap. Encourage your children to wash their hands all the time with regular soap and water. Avoid depending on hand sanitizers too much as these can do more harm than good. Good old soap and water will do!

protect your kids this rainy season3. Teach them how to cough and sneeze properly.

Don’t tell kids to cough or sneeze into their hands. It can cause the spread of serious illnesses, such as flu and respiratory viruses, through contact. Instead, teach them to sneeze or cough into a tissue and throw it away. They should wash their hands after this. If tissues aren’t available, they should cover their nose and mouth in the crook of their elbow while coughing or sneezing. It is uncommon for kids to touch someone else’s elbow, so it is safer that way.

4. Teach them to keep their fingers away from their eyes, nose and mouth.

Your kids’ hands act as delivery vehicles for germs. When they touch their eyes, nose and mouth with their bare hands, they are putting germs on the mucous membranes of these sensitive organs of the body—these are the expressways to infection. To avoid this, as mentioned above, teach them to wash their hands regularly.

protect your kids this rainy season5. Stop dirt at the door.

Most of the germs that get inside your house come from the dirt and grime that cling to your kid’s shoes or slippers. Designate a place near the door where they can leave their footwear especially during the rainy season.

protect your kids this rainy season6. Keep your toilet areas clean.

One of the most common places where germs thrive is the bathroom. Sinks, commodes, corner areas and toilet floors are breeding grounds for germs and pathogens if not kept clean. Use a specialist cleaner like Domex to keep these areas germ-free.

7. Beware of those dirty plastics.

Children’s toys can accumulate germs easily. Kids play with them on the floor or surfaces that may not be clean. Disinfect your kid’s plastic toys whenever you can to avoid spreading germs and diseases at home and during playdates.

8. Get your kids to be physically active.

If your child is physically active, her body will respond better to illnesses and put up a tougher fight against invading bacteria and viruses. So make sure that your child either plays outside or does some kind of physical activity on a regular basis. Researchers have found that exercise stimulates the movement of immune cells and prepares them to fight invading pathogens.

9. Make sure your child gets adequate sleep.

When it comes to fighting bacteria and viruses, you can’t discount sleep from the equation. Sleep is nature’s way to recharge our bodies. If your child does not sleep well, it can affect her immune system and she will be more susceptible to illness. School-age children should get at least 10 hours of sleep daily.

Mums and dads, if you follow the above tips, chances of your kids falling sick this rainy season will be very low. Remember: sparkling hygiene, both personal and in your home, is crucial to staying healthy.

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