12-year-old helps deliver her baby brother: A story in pictures

This story needs no words...the pictures will do all the talking.

Usually, it's daddy in the delivery room, helping mom through labor, while big sister or big brother excitedly wait outside for the moment they can greet the newest member of their family.

But, this was not the case with 12-year-old Jacee Dellapenna, who was there, right by her mom's side, helping to deliver her baby brother.

The photos are just magical and since words really won't do these precious moments justice, we're going to let these images do the story-telling.

1. Jacee is getting ready. Just look at the anticipation on her face!

2. OMG, is this for real?

3. We can't get over the emotion on Jacee's face here!

4. We're crying happy tears too, sweet girl! This has to be our favorite image of them all...

5. Why, hello there little bro!

6. Time to cut the cord...

7. This bond, this love, is pure and unbreakable...

Jacee, we think you are all sorts of amazing and that little boy is incredibly lucky to have you as his big sister! 

The love, excitement and devotion on your face is simply out of this world.

The world is lucky to be graced by the presence of a child like you, who, without a doubt, will grow up to be a responsible, caring adult. 

This article was originally published on theAsianparent Singapore.

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